Would you like to see KI spinoffs in the far future? Which genres?

  • An adventure game similar to Mortal Kombat mythologies: Sub Zero
  • An action RPG similar to Jade Empire
  • A puzzle game similar to Super Puzzle Fighter
  • A beat’em up game similar to Streets of Rage / Final Fight
  • A sandbox game like GTA IV
  • A sports/racing game similar to Mario Party /Kinect sports/ Mario Kart
  • Other
  • No, KI should remain as a fighting franchise exclusively

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Assuming KI gets a sequel in the future and that the franchise starts gaining momentum, would you like KI to have spinoffs not necessarily from the fighting genre?
Those could follow the KI route and be digital only and with seasonal models.


Would be great as an Ultra edition bonus. I would like a puzzle fighter as it would make for some unique gameplay due to the combo system of KI.

Serious answer: I’ve always thought a sides rolling beat 'em up with KI’s awesome combo system would be the best. Plz gimme.

Less serious answer: GoKart Instinct= Game of the Year

I think this would be great as an ultra edition bonus.

Wait, you want me to roll down the boulevard like Niko in my European car and unknowingly pick up Orchid, who is undercover, flashing her you-know-what in my face and take her to an alley then switch to first person mode?

While playing as Fulgore.

On a serious note, an rpg like the classic (not the reboot) Shadowrun game would be awesome imo.
With not only Ultratech but other rival conglomerates.

Also, an in-game extra mode would be super cool. No need for a spin-off.

I wouldn’t mind a spin off far int he futre. My only problem: some of the genres suggested probably means only a select few will be playable, so no vote for me.

As for me, I believe an adventure-typed KI game. An adventure-typed game for KI and overall for the KI series

What about an online card game based in the old KI cards?

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I’m sorry, but as weird as funny as KI can be, I really don’t see it working as any other genre. And really? Does it need to be? I haven’t seen any spin-offs for the likes of many other fighting games (aside from the few really, really bad movies), so why should there be something for KI? You guys may want “something extra” and if someone does it and does it well, then more power to them, but for me, no - I don’t want it. I think KI is fine staying as a fighting game. That, to me, just feels right.

I’d just be happy seeing cameo’s in future Rare products. Spinal in Sea of Thieves for example.


I want to see a metroidvania where the upgrades you acquire are typical fighting game special moves, command normals, buffs/changes to your normals, etc. Even go in a Deus Ex-like direction where you have to make decisions about which upgrades to acquire, so that in the end you might end up all in on rushdown or zoning, or balanced, or crazy projectile rushdown setup-driven, or whatever crazy loadout you feel like building towards. The point would be that players could slowly familiarize themselves with fighting game execution and strategy whilst playing a kind of game they’re familiar with, that is designed to be compelling from the outset for narrative, exploratory and problem-solving reasons before you become familiar with an extensive combat repertoire, but introduces new moves dynamically and encourages you to integrate them into your playstyle as you progress through the game.

I might make this type of game if nobody else ever does, but since Shadows has already solved the AI problem and since KI’s taste in combat balance is probably closer to where an end-game character loadout would end up than, say, something like Street Fighter, I think KI would be a pretty suitable incubator for this style of game. Thematically it could follow an abandoned self-aware cyborg of Ultratech’s creation that discovers system upgrades throughout the course of a game, or a human character who may choose to augment themselves with Ultratech biotech or acquire combat techniques via training and whatnot.

Then you kinda want MK mythologies

what about a KI mythologies with Jago and Orchid surfing through waves of Ultratech baddies?

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Comics and the fighting game genre are all that KI needs in my opinion. Maybe even an anime at some point.

My spin-off would be Sadira: Silent Assassin

Ok, maybe a different title, but Sadira would perform assassination contracts using her spider silk to creep on the enemy from the ceiling and silently kill anyone she was ordered to kill.

Not using the Assassins creed mechanics of climbing or controls, cause they suck, but she’d make use of full blown infiltration. Sticking to shadows, setting traps, I suppose kind of like how Arkum was meant to be like using fear to make the enemy falter into a bad move, but not with all the gangs of enemies to pummel.

She’s been ostracised so much that she might as well have a stand alone game.

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Card game has my vote. Need KI gwent.

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maybe we could have ki card game as a KI’s version of the krypt?

We probably need more cameos or new minor characters to pull this off.

old KI cards had shadow corps, technomages, ultratech scientists, executives, fans of the KI TV show…it could work. Now we can add the KI comics to the lore.

Hell, I’d do the card game myself if I knew ■■■ about card games