Would you do THESE things to your parents?

Also how do you think your folks would react if you happen to actually do these particular things on them?

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Wasn’t this dude on Dr. Phil ?

He was? Really? :confused:

I could’ve sworn theres was some jacked up @ss hole who loved to play not at all funny Practical Jokes on his parents… and while it pissed them off in the moment. They always looked back at them and laughed about it.

Definitely saw it on a talk show… must have been Dr. Phil.

No this is Tom Green, a famous comedian from the early 90s. He had his own show on local TV in Canada and then picked up by MTV. HE ended up marrying Drew Barrymore and starred in a handful of movies.
i remember buying his VHS tapes lol…funny stuff for 28 years ago.


LoL… maybe this is the same guy. I saw all that seems familiar.

Maybe but Tom Green is like 50 years old now.

Must have been really old then… :woman_shrugging:

This is what you are thinking of… SNL skit with Tom Green on “Dr Phil” played by Will Ferrell.

Well link isnt working…just google Tom Green on Dr Phil

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LoL… that must have been it.

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