Would u guys prefer a mixture of Shadow effects colours eg purple, blue, yellow, white etc, Read first

Good evening guys, This is my first positive post as i see people accuse me of being a little negative lol,.

Ok here is my question.
Would u guys prefer a mixture of Shadow effects colours eg purple, blue, yellow, white, brown, torqoise, magenta etc. I watched keits stream yesterday and i immediately noticed how beautiful the new purple shadow effects looks, so a thought came to my mind that if we could have a mixture of shadow effect colours the shadow moves will vary and look more visually beautiful with the newly built graphics engine.

I would like to know your thoughts on this, would u be okay if the devs mixed all colours into the game to make the shadow effect colours n particle effect look more graphically gorgeous? Your honest opinion please

I’m alright with just the purple. I like purple. ^^
Making a whole mixture of colours just seems unnecessary.


I like the new purple shadows afer all (didn’t like them the first time they were shown), but I would prefer if the color matched the character: Orchid’s and Jagos would be yellow, Fulgore’s red like his lasers, Spinal’s green, etc.

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The best imo would be that we can change and choose the color of the shadow move.

I wouldn’t mind different colors for different characters, this is a good topic. I’m glad you found something more positive to post about :grinning:

I am somewhat ambivalent on the change, and I’m not a big fan of purple in general. But it fits with the logo change and the color scheme for the season, so it at least makes sense.

Having a lot of primary colors on the screen for KI would be a bit outside the tone of the game, in my opinion.

But all of Orchid’s and Jago’s sparks and lighting effects are not? :wink: I think it’d be fine. Plus these would still be shadows, ie. on the dark side, just hueued accordingly.

Well, you don’t get to choose what colour the sparks are. They are the colour they are.

I think it would create a little mess in a game that’s already famous for not having consistent UI.

Also it seems the change have some relation to S3 story mode, maybe Shadow Moves draw their power from Gargos?

I think having character specific shadow colors would be awesome! Maybe even have the shadow color tied to one of the costume colors so:

color 1 glacius: pale blue shadow
black retro glacius: black shadow

I think there are too many colors and flashing and with some characters who are effect heavy for no reason (Kim Wu) and now with clear ripple shadow effect turning purple - I just think there is an over saturation and making the game way more cartoon.

They shouldn’t have touched the Shadow effects, it was fine and we know Gargos is coming and it doesn’t need to be purple just because he is the shadow lord / purple skin / or responsible for giving people shadow moves. Does Jago need a shirt saying “I think I have a lost sibling in the world is it you?” Does Orchid need a shirt saying (Daddy Issues) This is a delicate balance and they still have time to just keep the shadow moves as they were before this dumb purple stuff started.

I would totally pay money for alternate costumes where Jago had a t-shirt that said “I think I have a lost sibling in the world. Is it you?” or Orchid with a Daddy Issues shirt. #bestideaever

Please devs, make this happen!

“I’m afraid my past ends here.”

I was about to add in my previous post (awaiting for BigBadAndy rebuttle) lol, I knew you would be first to reply with whatever I wrote.

Getting back to the subject at hand, that was meant to show we don’t need the obvious crammed in our faces. We (most fans, especially the ones here) know what is going on in this lore. Those who don’t either don’t care or aren’t going to go all Starwars on KI and start questioning who is who’s daughter and why purple this, or this is alluding to that and what may happen in episode/season etc etc,

They can drop calling this Season 3 and just go ahead and call it Season Rainbow or Killer Instinct Bedazzled

Well, I am neutral but when I heard that it would factor into the story then I suppose it would be best to leave it in there. I’m sure by the launch it will be subtle like it was before even if it has purple.

I’d like to see some alt costumes where some of them wear old classic KI tshirts, such as the one from my avatar pic.

I feel like Killer Instinct: Rainbow would be a bigger hit in San Francisco than anywhere else.

I have literally been saying this since they were first shown …

Why San Francisco?

It was a joke regarding San Fran having the highest population of LGBT across American cities.

Rainbow, get it?

It’s not a great joke, but it’s what I had at the time.