Would people be open for a(nother) "rework season"?

Season 3 has 8 new characters, new modes, new lighting etc, but it also has only three stages and a lot of the characters are guests. It’s a mixed bag of new content and upgrades compared to last seasons.

What I wonder is, would you be open for a new season (not necessarily Season 4) that is ONLY an overhaul?

I think KI is in a great place as it is, but I, and some others would like more as the ever hungry gamers we are :stuck_out_tongue:
What I’m talking about is a complete graphical overhaul; updating every character and stage like a normal retail game would. Characters may play the same, but they’re rebuilt from the ground up, new models, new animation etc. Perhaps even new music if the would feel so bold.

I’m simply thinking about how KI will move forward. The Season-model is a mix between normal retail and what MOBAs are doing, where the content is everlasting and the game is only updated, as a “service”.

Should KI only ever have seasonal/incremental updates, or should it at some point sacrifice new contant for a complete overhaul/update?

PS: This is also interesting in the light of MS announcing thry are planning incremental console updates, instead of a normal console cycle. I just want to hear people’s thoughts on this.

I almost think that another seasonal re balance for each character would make things a little too complicated. Then again, some people probably think that about the season 3 re balance.

I’m not akin to another mechanics rework, this put me of game to just play it when the patches are done.

I know it’s an evolving game, but ■■■■ ain’t stop

Everyone is going to have to face it, there won’t be a Season 4. Why do you think they brought in guest characters? It’s because they knew they wouldn’t do Season 4 so they supposedly did a “fan service” but in my eyes a fan service would’ve been no guest characters replaced with new characters that fit into KI and bringing a stage per character, more colors/accessories and an Ultimate per character.

We got shafted, just face it. We are not getting a Season 4, a fighting game is a delicate balance and you can’t have 30 + characters, it’s too much. They won’t make a Season 4 to correct the mistakes. They can just make patches/updates. It’s unfortunate because once they decided to go that route, the idea of Season 3’s potential went down the toilet. Season 2 was more exciting because they brought back characters and they brought new interesting characters that fit smoothly in KI.

Season 3 looks like a mess now and inconsistent, I want to play KI not Microsoft Smash Brothers. I’m broken hearted about this.

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Fan-service only goes so far man. Just saying.

Smash has 58+ guess characters one of which who has NEVER been a nintendo console (cloud)

We have 2 Guest characters. Ki is hardly Smash bros.

On topic:

I don’t think another re-work is necessary without new mechanics (recapture’s and flip-outs) in place (can’t explain fulgore though :confused:)


I’d be fine with a rework season if they add new thing or even if it’s like a season with only 3 or 4 new chars with stages… or fingers crossed it comes with stages for all the chars that didn’t get one. (Wishful thinking)

No! Season 3 will be fine!

I have some bad news for you.


The point is we are in the single digits, and less than MKX. Not the exact number.

That there is one more guest character on top of that? That still hardly makes it Smash Bros…
It’s there to help bring in more new fans from other franchises, which increases both their profit AND the player base, giving us a bigger chance for more content down the line. And that’s never a bad thing.

Perhaps 2, but let the time bring us truth

A season 4 wouldn’t surprise me, especially if Eyedol or Gargos don’t make the S3 roster, but I highly doubt they’re going to do a clean-up season. MS would be essentially be putting extra $ into something that would have little to no return.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that guest characters don’t necessarily mean you bring in 1.5 million new fans that would’ve never even have played KI. The hard reality is that those guest characters are mainly for us. The ones who are going to play KI are already playing it, and the really hardcore fans are playing it and are here talking in this forum. If I’m a casual player to KI, trust me I wouldn’t be here in the forum.

Now if I’m a big Halo or Gears fan (which I am) I would be playing those games and if I don’t really like KI or fighting games in general it will only make me see -" oh look Arbiter is there, hey Rash is there", maybe I’d see it and say well I don’t normally play that type of game, I will stick to my Arbiter where he belongs. How many of you enjoy Mortal Kombat’s SubZero’s action/rpg game that came out a long time ago? How many Halo fans play Halo Wars? That game is a good RTS game but it is another game style which isn’t necesarily going to get everyone on board to play RTS games because it is Halo. What I’m saying here guys is that KI is lucky if this stunt gets them 100 more people interested in the whole of KI just because Rash is in it but at the loss of getting much more people upset and down about not getting the game truly completed. The reality is that if I was waiting 15 years for the next KI game, I wasn’t going to start playing Command & Conquer just because they slapped Fulgore in the game. All that would do is generate some free press on the gaming websites.

Remember this everyone we are getting possibly 1 or 2 new characters and 5 less stages and 1 Ultimate for 1 character with Season 3. A lot of wasted character slots (3) for possibly 3 new characters we aren’t getting (IG have a good record of creating new characters that blend in to KI) This isn’t fan service. Killer Instinct is ending with Season 3 leaving it a mess. Remember we were investing in its future, we knew this buying the incomplete game, well it is still incomplete with 5 less stages and 1 Ultimate for 1 character with Season 3, not a good way to wrap it up. The fan service IG call it, is not a fan service. The fan service would’ve been finishing KI and leaving out guest characters that are not important to KI and stick to priorities.

Can’t respond to whole thing because I can’t read it that well right now. I blame double vision.

Let’s be perfectly honest, we are all still going to buy & play season 3…guest characters or not.

Doesn’t matter For me. It’s still Ki.

Also were getting off topic. What re-works would you like to see in Season 4+ people :smiley:

People asked for those characters LOTS of people. The idea of removing content that people would’ve already have bought, is nonsense.(and again people asked for them)

The wasted slot argument is absurd, there is a character in that slot. They may not be the ones YOU wanted in the slot, but that’s a full character in that spot.

Lots of people asked for Ultimates, since Season 1… Your argument is moot

Another thing, this game is like almost 3 years old and it is still incomplete. MS has money trust me, and we are also putting money in this. (Community funds, purchasing seasons) Most of us paid more for this game than a standard cost of 1 game, there is no excuse for it to still be in this state. And now it looks like a jumbled up mess.

I like the idea that the game never stops evolving. My biggest disappointment with Season 3 is it’s lack of original (new) characters. If they continue to develop for KI, I hope we get more characters right out of IG’s imagination - because I love their original characters so far.


Can we get back on topic peeps?

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Take this to a PM guys. Keep this on topic.

I’d rather the reworks are piggy backing other content.