Would not it be cool if we could choose a side of conflict in Shadow Lords, leading to different ending?


Earth side - fighting both Gargos and Eyedol, unable to have them in team.

Ultratech side - Fighting bosses, betraying Good Guys (still being able to have them in team, basically u can side Good Guy with Ultratech betrayer).

Gargos side - fighting to conquer Earth and destroy Eyedol, able to have Gargos in team but no Eyedol.

Eyedol side - vice versa.

Of course I assume Gargos and Eyedol are still rivals. We could also have Eyedol and Gargos alliance, leading to destroying Earth, them having a disagreement leading to interdimensional war that destroyed the universe, lol.

nope. Eyedol and Gargos are deadly enemies. At least they was back at classic KI.

I’m pretty sure they’re still deadly enemies considering that gargos ripped eyedols head in two in this one.


I’m fairly certain that each character will have their own ending(s) that pertain to their particular motivations and desires, as well as resolutions (for better or worse) for their conflicts between other characters.
If I had my way, I’d say that winning with a certain character would show the “best case scenario” for what they’d do with their victory, like in classic KI’s story mode. I’m still looking forward to seeing what they come up with regardless!