Would be cool if Shadow Lords utilized Shadow Labs

I’m really hoping it’s already the plan, but man, that would make the experience vs the AI much more engaging, realistic, and offer a better opportunity to learn better tech.

At the moment, the base line CPUs have a really bad mix of either being so awful that they just stand there and let you hit them, at the lower difficulties, and then super human frame perfect punishes that are next to impossible for actual human players to perform, at the higher difficulties, with the mid-range being this clunky and awkward mix of the two.

Whereas the Shadow Labs AI, being based on recording real players, have a much more realistic playstyle, as well as a wide variety of skill levels and even noticeable bad habits acquired from the player they’re based on.

The preview stream of Shadow Lords already showed the CPUs having “Power Level”, which I think could be mixed with an algorithm that takes into account the four statistic that Shadows get, as well as the shadow’s win/lose. obviously something that would have to level out over time, as Shadow Labs is barely utilized at the moment, but the data is all there, and Shadow Lords seems like the best place to fully expand it.

I’d probably say if this was how it worked, that the randomly chosen Shadow would remain anonymous, but the player would still receive shadow points if their shadow won, which would actually give more incentive to keep improving your shadows.

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Would be interesting, but I can definitely understand that implementing shadow lab AI is a lot easier said than done.

No doubt there, I’ve accepted that for a long time when discussing video game improvements with friends over the years.

Things that seem like easy changes that would drastically improve gameplay, aren’t necessarily easy changes to actually code and implement. =/

I would like a “watch mode” where my shadows play through shadow lords mode and I merely tell them where to go and they do the fighting.