World Cup Bracket

Lots of upsets will happen 1st round. What match is everyone looking forward to the most?


I think there will be a lot of great matches, honestly. I wonder how we’re going to deal with the hype after having the Season 3 reveal showcase though!

Good luck to all the participants - just make sure you put on a good show for us pedestrians!

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Im excited about the Glacius players, Sleep, TexAce, dunno who else plays him, but… I wanna see how they do.

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Thanks. We have UA Sickle from Houston playing against Rico 1st round towards the bottom of the bracket. Hero NL, my 1st opponent, also mains Glacius then Spinal.

Oh man, thats exciting. MAKE IT HAAAAILL!

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Hoping to see Gutter and Shintristan assert their dominance as Thunder. I’m sure there are other Thunder players, but those guys are two that I know for sure play him.

As long as Shintristan doesn’t get on the commentary booth though, because I really don’t enjoy his particular commentating style lol. Great player, but too much unnecessary yelling about things which aren’t really hype!

I asked Gutter a few days ago if he was going and he said he wasn’t going to be able to make it unfortunately. This was while he was streaming.

Call me crazy, but isn’t he still on the bracket? I guess I’m surprised they wouldn’t have replaced him with the next person on the points list if he absolutely won’t be there!

There’s gonna be quite a few people not making it. I would assume that’s what will get done unless they just give their opponent the free win. Who knows though.

If that’s the case, hopefully a good number of the Top 32+ earners are on hand to take up the spots.

Unless they’re planning to open more Last Chance Qualifier slots, which would also be a good option.

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Ita Master vs Emperor Rebelo. The first one because he’s italian like me and the second because I like how he plays tj wombo combo and fulgore.

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MyGod vs TSwagg
GutterMagic Vs Grief (I see that Gutter may not make it? That’s a shame)
Rico vs Sickle
Thompson vs JagoBlake
Brackets look exciting.

Aw! There no @swordman09 on list!

Just a friendly reminder to everyone. This is just a preliminary bracket and WILL be changing when the Top 32 starts due to the fact there are many people on that list who won’t be at the World Cup.

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ALL of the matches at the KI World Cup in my case :wink: :grin:

Imagine how HYPE it would be if EVERYONE was able to show up??? They should have found a way to pay for everyone’s plane ticket at least…just to be sure its the true top 32 WORLD CUP

Maybe the onsite qualifiers will fill the spots. I dont think it would be fair to give anyone a FREE win. At least make them play some one from the crowd LOL

So none of the Japanese players that qualified are making it over?

According to my info this is 100% true. This is not the final bracket arrangement if any players no-show.

Thanks for that. It’s a shame they can’t make it.