Working "shadows" into Shadow Lord

Shadow mode is one of the most clever exciting things that has ever been in a fighting game and I don’t think the devs get as much credit as they deserve for inventing a learning AI mode. (full disclosure: Smash Bros Amiibos did it first, but no where near as refined as as KI)

I digress. In shadows mode I am sitting at some 3000 shadow points and have nothing to do with them. Sure I could challenge other shadows but I got my AI where I like them with my two shadows and while I will continue to rematch fights that I get I really don’t feel the need to go out and fight shadows.

What I would like is to be able to pay shadow points to recruit my shadow AI onto my team in Shadow Lords mode if I have an open spot and do not have any characters to fill it. Or say Gargos kills all 3 characters, if you have shadow points you could have the option of recruiting your shadow into the fight to have one last chance to take out the shadow lord.

In my imagination you would not control your shadow. It would be your AI doing the fight for you. You would have to trust in its instincts, but you would be able to give it consumables and guardians. Before a match you could use artifacts on it in the barracks just like any other character, you just can’t control it.

To go wild with my idea I would like you to be able to activate the consumable because your shadow would have no idea how to use them or how to use a guardian. You know, unless you could teach it.

Also this would give me a reason to go back into shadow survival or challenge some higher ranking shadows because if I want the points to spend in Shadow Lords I gotta go earn them. That way every mode ends up feeding back into Shadow Lords.

I know something like this can not be added into the game over night, but I would like to see the two modes integrated because Shadows mode is WAY too good. And I want to use all my shadow points for something.

This actually sounds good in theory, maybe they can add a consumable that enables activation of your shadow in case of defeat, so you can use it whenever (at any time but once per playthrough) although it would most likely be used against Gargos mostly, but it could also be there so it can give you a one-time chance to complete a playthrough without losing in case you lose a fight before you get to Gargos.