A simple picture of Sabrewulf I drew in my spare time. What do you think?


Woohoo, new phone wallpaper :smile:

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It’s excellent! Did you use a reference picture, or just ‘off-the-cuff’?

I just recently started trying to take drawing seriously, and I’m getting good results, but I still lack the experience to do high quality pics without a direct reference, and I feel that’s my first ‘real’ long term challenge, to be able to draw “straight from the head to the paper”.

Once again, extremely well done Sabrewulf! You did really good going from the super fine detail around the nose, mouth and eyes, to the “crazy hair”, it all fits together perfectedly.

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Wow, haha. Glad you like it that much! Thank you

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For the most part I based it on his Hero Art but started to improvise a little with the fur going down his neck.

My best advice to you is to just keep at it! Everything comes to you with practice!

Very cool! I like the detail in the fur and saliva. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow, that’s great!

Good stuff! Excellent pick of da Wulf! Keep at it… Oh and… Bow wow… BOW WOW! Bark! :slightly_smiling: