Woke up today to find I'm a qualifier :(

Anyone else had this? Was it supposed to happen?


In all seriousness everybody’s rank gets reset to Qualifier today to make it fair for new PC users I guess

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From my understanding the point of the reset was because of how much the game has changed going from S2 to S3. Besides the new characters, we have the Stagger and Flipout mechanics, and a rebalance for every single character in the game.

I think it’s a really, really good thing! Along with the each player having the option for a once-monthly reset, it gives people a chance to learn new characters and take them into Ranked.


YAY!! I can’t wait to bust some noob heads.

#HE, HEE, HEEEEEE…:smiling_imp:


Cool. It does make sense to start a new season with a clean slate. I was worried for a moment it was just me. Hopefully my win ratio might look a little less dire this time round.

hating it, feels like i’m being punished for something

It really shouldn’t, though. I mean, they’re implementing new characters, new balance, new game mechanics, new multiplayer mechanics… it’s perfectly understandable if they wanted to do a reset on everyone’s relative rank as we enter into a new season/build/era/whatever. Because with things so novel and modified, existing veterans’ skills and ranking won’t necessarily be an accurate representation at the start. And it isn’t really a new concept for competitive games.

Look, that came off harsher than I intended but it isn’t like the decision came from disjointed logic or was sprung on us blindly or anything.

Keep in mind your stays don’t reset, only your rank.

I’m already back to silver, but I’m gonna take my time a little instead of doing one big massive session back to the higher ranks.

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I’m starting the grind back to killer but am going into rank with only Rash. Went 6-4 in qualifying and am in Bronze at the moment.

Same. Am in Bronze after being a Killer Ranked mostly because I find Kim Wu frustrating. Finally feel I have the groove to her but it largely relies on her low medium kick and her overhead. I wish it was easier to get dragons, or more beneficial to use her Dragon ender.

Funny thing is I was expecting to learn Kim Wu from playing new players but am only getting paired up with Level 50 players in bronze and silver who am pretty sure were Killer Ranked as well. They are owning my day one Kim Wu.

Lol. Yeah, a lot of players are just like “eff it - I’m playing my main.” :joy:

Yup I was in exactly the same situation last night. Level 50’s using their level 50 mains vs a character that I only know how to use a little bit. However I think I went 9-4 in bronze so I think I did pretty damn well.

Good luck with your Kim Wu. She seems like a very powerful and popular character.

No kidding! I guess they don’t want to lose in ranked so they use their best characters. lol

What’s wrong with that? If you want to learn characters then exhibition is a good place to do so, but in ranked, there’s a little more at stake. Some people who legit want to earn Killer rank and get their stars are gonna use their mains, and you wanna fault them for it?

I’m glad you guys wanna use season 3 characters only to re rank up, but be realistic, ranked is a little more cutthroat and you’re gonna see people put their best effort in to advance.

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Oh well I apologize if I made it seem like it was wrong to use your main in ranked. I mean no offense to anyone. I’m just wanting to try the new characters out and get good with them in ranked. I’ve had 6 - 9 months worth of time playing ranked with my mains (Thunder and Kan Ra) so I just wanted something different.

The way I played qualifiers, people would probably recommend me CAM or infil guide. Lol, that’s how poorly I played.

It’s alright, but given we’ve only had access to the characters for a little around 4 days now, I don’t think a lot of people are probably adjusted well enough to the new characters yet to do well in ranked. Generally, it’s better to use characters you are trying to learn in exhibition, which is generally what I do. Less on the line and more opportunity to learn, since you can rematch as often as you would like without having to visit the character select first.

In ranked, you’re one and done, hardly enough time to download your opponent, or have him adjust to you for a decent challenge, so it’s better to stick with what you know because for the task of ranking up, it’s time consuming already, but when it’s with characters you’re unfamiliar with, it’s even harder.

Unless you’re the kind of madman who prefers that kind of challenge, to which I can only say good luck. It’s something I wouldn’t do, but I’m betting there are lots of brave souls who are going to try.

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I am said madman, already made the climb from bronze to gold with nothing but Rash, only a few more matches from getting back to killer.


Glad to meet another fellow mad man. I’m in the high bronze right now but I know that my Rash still needs a lot of work. Best of luck to you!