With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)


Would you consider 2 years the near future? Not suggesting that’s how long it would take. Just throwing out an estimated date given development time of other games.


So… if IG went and told us they were to stop making content for the current KI and are going to focus on making a sequel, you would no longer be interested in the franchise?


I thought it way before the reveal of Eagle. :slight_smile:


Even if the game does not get any more content, that won’t stop it from being relevant. Just look at UMVC3 and SSBM.


Is KI as relevant as those games though? Is it still played at EVO? Is it still considered one of the best fighting games amongst the FGC?


fair point.


Don’t get me wrong. I still crack open that Toshinden series and have fun with those old PS1 games from time to time. And they were never popular. My point being that you can still play a game and have fun with it, even when others have forgotten about them.

A sequel would not erase this game from existance.


That’s not what I said, what I meant was simply that I have no desire to see them stop producing updates for this game in favor of a new title. Obviously if they decided to do in the long run that I’d continue to support KI as I have since the early nineties, I simply don’t see any appeal in making a new game right now when we have a perfectly functional game right in front of us that has a lot of life left in it.


Hence why I asked, to see if my interpretation was correct or not. Thanks for explaining it to me. ^^


Once again i would never stop to try to let know to peoples that this game is Not done yet!!!
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Just look at the future roster its just a must be!!! and i know that Ig saw that too ,and they have to hold us till the next generation. why to stop something when peoples are still in enjoyment with new content? or characters



Can’t help but laugh that you added my name on the list after I made this post.
My point still stands though. You don’t know what will happen in the future. None of us do. You might hope KI isn’t done yet, but truth is, you don’t know if it is or not.


MY biggest strong is the fact that iam A BIG BELIEVER lol !!! and i know its not done yet, it wil be a big absurdity to stop without even fullfill and explore all things possible


anyway, if we get more content, i still gonna buy and support KI.
But if we don’t get much more content, like another season, i hope they will make a sequel, and don’t stop for another 13 years to make one.


All of people’s wants are valid, and I certainly wouldn’t try to argue with anybody. But I think talk if a sequel should be realistic. Having a sequel isn’t going to magically make a game that has everything that you like about this game, without any of the bad stuff and with a whole bunch of new content. I’m going to ramble a bit here, so feel free to jump to the end.

If there is a sequel to this game that releases as a fully featured release, with a day one complete roster, practice modes story mode etc. then we won’t see it before 2020 at least. And, no offense to the guys at MS, but their record on big release projects for Xbox One is pretty poor. What worries me is the idea that people may be lobbying for a sequel that simply will never happen, while undercutting support for more content built for the current game.

Would I love a fully featured sequel? Sure, although it’s hard for me to imagine that the new game will appeal to me more than this one - unless they just keep it the same in which case why bother? I’m getting a bit burned out in fighting game sequels that don’t change the game at all. I’ve been playing some Tekken with the hope of getting enthused for Tekken 7. But beyond improved graphics and a very slightly different roster (full of characters I will never use or see) I can’t tell the difference between 7 and 6. Watching Max’s Tekken history there are some characters that have the same hanky animations as Tekken 1.

Obviously the Injustice 2 release is in everyone’s mind right now. And that game is very impressive. Tons of content, tons of characters, and a really well designed grinding for gear system to try to keep people playing. Game looks great, and it represents a big improvement over Injustice 1 in basically every way. I don’t want anyone to think I’m being critical. But it’s fair to point out that Injustice 2 recycles moves and animations from both Injustice 1 and MKX/MK9 (Flash has baraka’s air slicer FFS), many characters play nearly identically to the first game and as far as stages, it features just twelve - albeit with two parts for each so you could count 24. The AI is still NRS patented button reading cheap AI and difficulty adjustment still means adding health and cranking damage for the CPU. People have compared the AI load outs in Injustice to to shadows, favorably, but I think that’s a crock. The Injustice AI loadouts fight nothing like you - they just run off the cheap AI and do combos you’ve never dreamt of. As far as sales, the game has gotten great reviews and although numbers are hard to come by, based on reporting from the U.K. It is tracking 1/3 higher than the original. If we genorously say it will sell 50% more than the original then we are looking at around 6 million copies (although that will include next years deeply discounted “Injustice 2 complete edition” that by 2019 will be selling for $19.99.

This model is clearly working for NRS, but does anyone really believe it will work for Killer Instinct? On Xbox and Windows PC, not on PS4? MK still sells better than Injustice despite the huge D.C. comics brand and the advertising bump they have to be getting from the movies coming out. Is KI going to move that many units? I’d love to think so, but I doubt it.

So, given that, what is KI’s niche in this genre, so to speak. Well, personally, I think they have fantastic competitive mechanics that are easily accessible. Everyone makes that claim, but I think KI has it. Very few people will have execution problems in KI. But the game itself is super intense and the decisions are complicated at every moment due to the two way interaction. Playing a lot of Injustice 2 right now makes it clear to me how much mental “time off” you get in a game without two-way interactions. And the netcode remains without doubt the best there is out there. Everyone else is playing for second. I also think Shadow Lords could really be improved and the Shadow AI algorithms are definitely the way of the future if they are going to make compelling single player experiences. So can these things be made into a “finished on release” sequel? Maybe, but it’s hard to see what advantage they get from releasing that way. SL is super upgradable.

I also have to put in one last thought. KI’s release was VERY special. It was a resurrected franchise on a brand new console, Day One. Many of us here bought the box to play this game. It had a super limited S1 release with just 6 playable characters - and that actually helped guys like me get into the competitive aspect of the game. In addition to the mechanics being execution light (compared to SF IV’s one frame links and even NRS’s tap combos), having such a limited roster allowed people to learn the matchups in a matchup heavy game. Many of us had discussions about how many characters KI could truly support on a roster, considering the MU focused nature of competitive play. And I think we are already pushing that limit. If they keep making content I will keep buying it, but I’m already woefully behind when it comes to understanding the matchups with many S3 and the post S3 characters.

So, TL:DR - I honestly don’t know what I want them to do (and they may not know themselves). I remain doubtful that the kind of AAA sequel people are hoping for when they ask for a sequel will ever make sense financially. And if they are going to release a sequel that uses the same release model, it starts to not make sense compared to simply adding to this game.


Its strange…

Eagle joining the cast is definitely the end of a chapter thats for sure. We have everything now in terms of characters now.

Eagle is taking it that step further and giving us lore form Ki 1!

I hope for a season 4 to be honest. I think it would be the perfect way to show off what project scorpio can do. A 4K relaunch for Ki along with a season 4 full of newness. Use that extra horse power to improve the games visuals even more?

failing that im still waiting for these dudes @TempusChaoti so dont think your done just yet! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Monk master:

Aganos Fulgore:


I hear this a lot-
As an artist I say the Graphics in KI are great.
They don’t look like MK\Injustice because its a different style of art.
It has a really great flashy,colorful style.
The other games are black and white compared
to this flashy combo masterpiece.

Also I think Bugs aside, IG has done a very
good job porting this great classic.

All hail Riptor!


i agree, the graphics and colors are a part that makes KI stands out.
I wouldn’t change a thing about that.


I hope at E3 we get some news about this KI.
For the moment i feel like this KI is slowly getting to the end about content.
Or they have to come out at E3 and anounce season 4 or something big.
But for the moment we know Eagle is coming, still some Ultimates, some gold colors and some terror colors.
I think thats about it for what we know.

Ps; i bought like a lot of you guys in the forums an xbox one for this KI and i hope for more content or a sequel in the near future. (please don’t wait another 13 years :wink:)


While I think OP’s post was generally positive (and I appreciate that), the more I here people say “I think this iteration of KI is probably done,” the more it makes me cringe.

Some people, and I’m definitely not naming names, think that the choice is between continuing this KI game and getting a brand new, $60 retail release KI sequel with all content and more money and manpower put it to it, or something along those lines that essentially rights all the perceived wrongs of this game.

Or rather, they’re saying “this game should end so I can have something better.” When there’s no indication from Microsoft that they’re even considering “something better.” So if we just say “this should end,” I worry what message that’s sending.

Now, I don’t want to discount the possibility of a larger budget sequel outright. Maybe Phil Spencer, Shannon Loftis, Adam Isgreen or any other decision makers might look at KI and say “ya know, we really built something here. It’s lasted 4 years, there’s a growing, energetic, enthusiastic fanbase. Maybe we should try and go for a full fledged sequel and put the money and manpower behind it that WB puts behind NRS and see what can be done.”

And if they announced that game at E3, I’d be ecstatic. Of course, I’d also be sad that this KI was coming to an end, but I’d be happy that the series was continuing on.

But is this overly realistic? I personally don’t think so. If anything, successfully growing this game over time could be more a testament to the unique business model they used, which allowed the game to expand (and with it, the fanbase), to be this sort of slow burn that required less investment up front. How would success in that model tell them to go dump a ton of money in up front exactly?

So if the more realistic choice, right now, is between continuing this game or getting a budget KI sequel that starts over with 6-8 characters, or simply nothing at all, then I’m choosing to add to this game, no question. If this is the only KI that they’ll offer, then I’m MORE than happy with that and I hope they keep putting out seasons, characters, stages, Shadow Lords items, guardians, skins, outfits, ultimates, etc until the end of Xbox One / Scorpio.

I love this game. I love the two way combo system, the way it controls, the sheer variety in characters, the game balance, all the play modes, and I love how it was released, so that I could get used to a character and play them up to level 50 and familiarize myself with them before the next character dropped. I’ve never been fed a fighting game like this before and I have to admit that it’s utterly amazing. To always have new content on the horizon, and pick apart each aspect of the game one at a time… I’ve been happily playing this game since day one as other fighters have come and gone.

So if I had my choice for anything, it’d be to continue this great game. If they want to do a sequel, then that’d be nice too, however they want to do it. I just hope that people saying this should come to an end can word their sentiments a little more clearly, as I definitely want this over nothing at all.

Yeah, as much as I’ve loved the model for this game, it seems utterly pointless to start over and do the same thing again on the same system. For what? Better graphics? The graphics in this game are fine. I’d rather see them take some season 4 money and try and smooth out a few of the rough edges like hair and faces and what not, then have them start over from scratch just so they can up the detail on a brand new Wulf retro.

Also, as much as I’ve stuck with this game for the last four years… Would I really want to start over with 6-8 characters? To go back to playing so few matchups as we had in season one? I mean, if there’s a valid reason for this, then that’s one thing. But I’m not sure what that reason could even be at this point.

You and me both!! Couldn’t agree more. I really want a wise old sage / guide character for KI and that monk would be a perfect fit. :slight_smile:


for the record I’m for a full fledged solid none seasonal sequel.

We need more fighting games, so wouldn’t mind them looking into other titles as well.

Honestly I’m thinking people are getting too vapid with media in general, that fast food mentality.