With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)


I want this one to keep going because this is like ki greatest hits and the only way a sequel will work is in my opinion they pull a mortal kombat X and do a years later new generation of fighters etc etc.


I don’t consider this game finished. And I think there is a lot more they can do without starting over from scratch. I don’t want to wait another year and a half to get a bunch of shinier versions of stuff we already have.


I think this is more because you don’t WANT this game to be finished. And that’s quite alright, nothing wrong with that. But it just means you’re going to have a hard time facing reality when it finally is revealed that IG won’t make more content for the game.


I know that that day will come someday. But I would prefer that day to be when the Xbox Two or whatever the next console is comes out. This game launched with the Xbox One, and I want it to die with the Xbox One. I want it to be like Smash, where each system only gets one game. But unlike Smash, I want it to be supported for that system’s entire lifetime. That possibility is one of the things that drew me to KI in the first place.


Well, the Scorpio is soon to be released… so it checks out.




But is the Scorpio a new system, or is this a PS4 Pro situation?


Both really


Please elaborate.


What VV said.


I’m still not buying it, if this was the end why would they have bothered to poll us about all the remix characters we we wanted to see in the game? They’ve just now started adding post-season content that we begged for over the last three years. Don’t forget Adam’s statement about the development of KI when they revealed Eyedol, “We’ll keep making it as long as you keep playing it” or something to that effect.

We still have a lot of fan-requested content on the list, we have some ultimates, there’s a lot of work to go on that front. We’re getting more colors for characters, we got an alternate costume for Thunder, I think think there’s more to come. KI isn’t dead yet.


But if you’re not buying it, then there will be no more KI content, because then they will run out of funds…



They could be polling for the next version of KI.

For the sake of Devil’s Advocate: That could mean that they want to do these things for this version to get better at doing them for the next version.

Doesn’t mean they’ll keep focusing on this version of KI. That could easily mean KI as a franchise.

People keep saying this, but what do they mean when they say “dead”? Do they mean this version of KI, or do they mean KI as a whole? I don’t think anyone’s saying that the KI franchise is dead. And if they are, it seems weird that after all the support us, as fans, have shown, that that would be on anyone’s mind.

I have my reasons for saying what I’ve said.


I doubt they’d be polling us about remix characters if they were going to put them in a new game, that would be a pretty awful way to start off a new title. That entire survey screams “we’re not done yet” if you ask me.

As far as the term “dead” generally that refers to the development of the game, once the devs are done creating it the game is no longer growing and is dead developmentally. IG and MS aren’t done adding to KI yet so its not dead.


And how long ago was that poll? About a year or so ago, yeah? They could have easily used that information to determine what these last post Season 3 characters would have been.

Edit: Also, wouldn’t it be awesome to see these “remix” characters get fleshed out a bit more by introducing them in a new game with the old cast? It’s not that for out to imagine they could be gauging interest for a future title instead of another Season/Post-Season content.



I’ll admit that made me laugh a little lol. I don’t think this is the end but I do wonder what’s next up in the story if there is another season.


Yeah I get where you’re coming from but I’m still one of those blokes that would prefer this game to be improved upon and expanded instead of seeing a sequel. Like how games like World of Warcraft or Smite have gotten graphical updates over the years to keep them current with the modern standard. With Scorpio coming out it would be great to see this game get a new layer of paint to make it look modern again.

Honestly its just that we had to petition our arses off to get Eyedol in the game and I’m not looking forward to having to do it again when inevitably characters are left out of the next game. :\


Even with their respective graphical updates, they didn’t reach the modern standard.


Exactly. For how much I enjoyed playing WoW 5 years ago, I cannot play that game anymore. There are too many things that don’t look right, that don’t animate well, that have no interaction, that are so buggy because of 13 years of code built on top of itself. I’d rather see a sequel than be stuck with something because that’s how it was originally made to work. That or, it’d take too much work to redo it.


Perhaps not but it took them from looking archaic and out of date to looking much better than they did before. The devs have shown already that they’re not against overhauling in-game graphics when they totally changed the lighting system KI uses for season 3.

No matter how unlikely that is I still have zero interest in seeing a sequel in the near future.