With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)


And with with the story the official comic going is going with, I think it’s safe to assume that KI (2013) is finished with big future developments.


Xfactor as the inspiration for instinct mode.


I don’t really care about SFV’s gameplay so I can’t judge it on that basis.

All I know is SFV’s netcode is terrible and it’s input delay/the way buttons and strings feels laggy.

Core-A-Gaming did a video on the problems SFV has I think his opinions were pretty good. There is a lot of uncertainty due to the input lag which makes reactions less important than reads and few defensive options keep the gameplay offensive to create hectic, kinetic, and sometimes “hype” gameplay.

Sometimes I feel like if SFV adopted some of KI’s defensive options, people would calm down. I would love if popping v-trigger gave me a few i-frames to DP somebody’s pressure like the way popping Instinct is KI.


From Marvel? Not really, IMO. There’s nothing character specific about it except the duration, which makes it easier to balance than Instinct. It’s just thirty characters getting stronger and faster.


The developers confirmed it when the game was announced.


I remember that, but I also remember the message boards were abuzz with worry about instakill combos with damage/speed increases (basically, what wound up being TJ’s instinct, or X-factor). That sort of thing that had been around since old SNK games and was what we were expecting. That wasn’t what we got, though, and DH knew what they were doing. I don’t know of another pre-KI fighter that gave you uniquely altered characters for part of the round based on their own specific traits and then tried to balance it.

There’s not a lot truly new under the sun, yet some refinements wind up being a lot bigger deals than others. There were assists in Marvel and other games before that, and being trapped in the corner has been a feature of 2d games since side-scrollers. But having minions be permanent unless they are removed, like Izzik and Dratch, or Aganos change the stage’s walls, are pretty revolutionary. There have been “story modes” in games before, but anyone who doesn’t feel that MK9 was mold-breaking in that regard is just stubborn, IMO.


I also wonder what you think about it