With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)


Well I just find it odd to worry about gfx over a solid fighting system, but again opinions are like buttholes everyones got one. Besides tekkenhas fallen from grace in my eyes it’s become an ugly juggle fest with no combo breakers.


Graphics honestly kinda depend. Ideally I think most people just want games to look their best. But it depends. For example I’m guessing you don’t hear people crying that they expect the next Skullgirls game to be photo-realistic. But if NRS rushed out a MK that looked on par with MK9 at this point people would cry havok and let slip the dogs of war.
That being said, KI in motion doesn’t look bad at all. Yes it had its janky elements, but on the whole it still looks amazing. And all things considered they could throw a fresh coat of paint on the game at any given time and it would look even better. But it’s because the game has a certain style and pacing to it that makes you ignore the little mistakes for the most part and focus on when to break combos, and what options you have on wakeup, and whether you should burn some shadow meter or save it for the next move.

Would it be nice to have a new coat of paint. Yes. Will a sequel fix all the issues this game has? Probably not. It’ll likely have its own issues and problems everyone will b*tch about.

Honestly I’m still of the opinion that the model KI has currently is blowing people’s minds because they’ve been conditioned by fighting games of yore to play a game for a year or 2 and then move on to the bigger better sequel with a new flashy sequential number or series of symbols behind it (EX+Alpha3), but KI has instead just had updates and patches while keeping under the same name, so people are losing their sh*t believing that it’s doomed to return to the nostalgia from whence it came.


Bruh, he probably will :weary:


It’s more how frequent they are. The system is limited and bugged since double helix had to rush it. The game gets more bugs than it should due to it. Iron galaxy fixes one and another just pops up. Currently bugs exist such as shin hisako breaking the game sadiras shadow widows bite removing armor on block and characters not having their enders cashout. Most notably Kim wu. If you go into the thread for reporting them you’ll almost always find something new and iron galaxy can’t ever truly fix them as old bugs will pop back up. (since s2 this is the 3rd instance where a character removed armor on block). The bugs are only one thing. There are features that people want that can’t be done on this system. People have been asking for an online training mode since s1. But the hex engine the game uses is too limited for it. You may be contempt and not see the issues with the current system. Doesn’t mean others don’t. There’s other reasons for wanting a sequel than graphics. Which btw do matter. Mvci is catching a lot for its graphics atm


2019 would be a perfect year to launch one. This ki will have more than a full roster and will have had at least one last world cup. 2018 could be a great send off for this one while building hype for a new entry.


I don’t see how this is even a thing. You’re telling me that because of the hex engine, you can’t have 2 players online play against each other with modifiers active? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds an awful lot like some of the same variables required to have Shadow Lords multiplayer.
More likely the reason why they never added online training is because on their big to-do list of things to add to the game, it was pretty low on that list and as such they never got around to it…yet. Who knows, we may still get it.


I’ve spoke with James Goddard and keits on this myself. I can’t remember each detail but there’s things within the games code that don’t allow it. Dh never wrote anything for it. They had plans for a big expansion to the story even before ig took over so shadow lords was a different case. During the whole commuity tier list project I got to talk with keits just about every day. It was made pretty clear that it’s something that just can’t happen.


Just for reference, how long ago was that? Reason I ask is there have been a few things earlier in development they said couldn’t be done and turns out they found a work-around, like how the Ultimates are now in the game thanks to the black screen effect from Aria’s instinct animation.


Is that a see through shirt though?


I realize I’m dredging up a post from several days and hundreds of posts ago, but it’s sad to see you legitimizing this kind of fanboy rhetoric.

I’m not saying there aren’t issues with Windows 10 or Xbox, or even that said issues weren’t the direct result of ■■■■■■, avoidable decisions made in an executive boardroom somewhere in Redmond. But come on, “absolutely and fundamentally rejected”? It sounds like you’re trying to trump up some consumer grievances and console fanboy tribalism into a grand philosophical treatise. If you wanted to make the point that tournament organizers and players are bought into the PS4 ecosystem and that makes it difficult for players to access KI or tournaments to provide setups, you could’ve done so without making any teenagers who happen to be reading think that their M$ angst is deep. (Or, for that matter, making any teenaged MS fanboys nearby think they need to get into grand, serious, heated arguments on the internet to defend their enjoyent of playing Halo or Forza or something.)


No more than 3 months ago. Shortly before the world cup


Eh, wasn’t my intention to spark fanboy wars, nor give my thoughts on MS or Sony as a whole (despite Sony having a larger presence in the FGC, it’s not like they are saints either). My intention was just to state that you don’t see Xbox Ones at tournaments for any game other than KI, and even then, many events choose to not stock Xbox Ones because all the other fighters are on PS4, that’s all. Maybe my wording was overly strong. But it’s an unfortunate reality of KI (and a potential future sequel) that its exposure to the tournament-going FGC is limited because of the lack of market penetration, and it’s also an unfortunate reality that KI is all on its own for changing that stigma (that is, there doesn’t seem like there will be other fighting games exclusive to Xbox that will help KI in getting the FGC interested in that platform again).


Ya, the thing is, I agree there’s a barrier there. I just think phrasing it as “we have the following list of technical barriers with KI in the tournament scene” is more fruitful than saying “yo M$, your platforms are toxic so KI is doomed.” Things could get better – Windows 10 is pretty clearly the best gaming OS ever made despite its issues and is generally becoming more robust and fully-featured, there’s a seemingly chill generation of execs at Xbox like Phil Spencer who are doing wild things like moving Xbox exclusives onto PC and publicly telling tribal Xbots to cool it, and at worst the KI scene could just suck it up and bring hardware to events like the Melee and Pokken guys do – but if the message sounds like “put in the effort and we’ll continue to ignore you because your platform is toxic,” then that could make it more difficult for Microsoft to justify platform enhancements that address FGC concerns.

And then, you have to factor in that the hardware situation is 1) nowhere near as bad as it was at launch; and 2) nowhere near as bad as the way games like SFV and Tekken 7 have been shooting themselves in the foot. I think if SFV suddenly released on Xbox One with KI-tier netcode, the lag problem removed, and post-match options for player 2, the FGC would move over in a heartbeat, equipment issues be damned. While you’d be right to point out that SF is the game in the FGC, I think this establishes that KI is doing right a lot of things which matter more than being on the most available platform.

And I think the bigger issue is one we agree on: the KI scene just spent most of a year telling the rest of the FGC that their game is ■■■■. Whilst plenty of people have (I think we agree rightly) shat on SFV in the last year or so, that scene largely knows how to make peace with it and run with what they have. SFV is going strong because they’re built up a competitive scene who evangelize their game no matter what, and whilst KI obviously isn’t anywhere near as beloved, if the people who are into the game can’t be relied upon to say the game is in an overall pretty decent state, then the platform barrier is likely the least of the game’s worries.


My personal predictions at the moment are that Scorpio will feature some form of minimal updates to KI. Be it the UI, visual fidelity, or something exclusive for that “version.” This would allow the game to essentially be treated as either backwards compatible or an “HD” version. From that, if continued sales work on the new platform, and if individual characters and content packs continue to fund the game, this “KI Scorpio” version will allow for the funding and continue development of characters, one at a time. Based on the character select screen, I’m thinking we have the potential for 4-6 more characters.

Or Eagle will be the last character and we have a beautiful legacy game. That’s a fair path in life too.


What I want is a new season featuring 8-11 characters and an arcade mode. It would work on both Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio. The Scorpio version can have a fancier coat of paint and even VR capabilities for people who want it, but it would be the same exact game, like the relationship between the console and PC versions.


I don’t see a practical use for VR in 2d fighters or 2d games in general.


Tekken 7 has it. So somebody must want it.


“Hey, here’s a list of potential characters and mechanics we might add to this game, but actually despite the positive feedback on the survey and the likelihood that it would bring in a ton more players I think we’re actually good so y’know wait a couple years for KI4”

Yeah, I dunno, it’s not like these people are Nintendo with a character ballot.


Tekken is a 3d fighter.

Personally the only fighting game I’d want VR for is Arms.


The camera is still to the side, the same way as in KI. I’ve played tons of Tekken and sometimes I forget that it’s 3D.