With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)


I really appreciate the updates. And it’s good to confirm that you aren’t doing anything big at E3 before people seriously anticipating something due to rumors go into a disappointed rage.

I’m in a weird place where I was saying KI had to many characters for newcomers back in season 2, and now I’m sitting here hoping for more XD
But honestly, if you announced that you were focusing on single player content, skins and game modes moving forward I would be just as happy. A large amount of players have yet to touch half of the cast, and if you could make trying new characters more appealing via challenges or new game modes, that would probably be more productive than making new characters, (provided people are willing to learn new characters).

Wherever KI goes, I will be there, and thank you for making it such an enjoyable ride!

PS: shadow Jago accessories plz!


I hope in his trailer, he can speak English.


I don’t know why these doomsday threads don’t get closed immediately at this point.

Always goes the exact same way.


Is that why I cant log in and play the game?




This would actually mark an amazing end point for our current iteration of KI. Would love for IG to have an increased budget and staff to develop a massive sequel built around our current game.

I don’t mind a new season, but KI is starting to feel dated in graphics and animations that it would be nice to get something bigger and better from what it already is.


I’m using this to finish letters/emails from now on.




Nah fam, Jago needs more nerfs :triumph:


You actually buy him like the other characters.


So uhhh…

Mira & Eagle stages any time soon? :slight_smile:


Truth be told id probably hate a season 4. At least on the games current engine. I’d want a sequel over an s4 so ig can make new coding. Since the games current coding is responsible for the many bugs we see since double helix had to create the game in such a short time. A sequel opens up so much more than an s4 would. An online training mode could possibly happen in a sequel for example. Something that can’t happen on this model of ki due to the games code being to limited and if ig made their own code itd mean less bugs. They could create ultimates not limited to using recycled animations. So in short…a sequel would open up much more than an s4 would. S4 wouldnt fix a lot of the games issues since ig can’t truly fix them on this current model.


What you said. Is a sequel likely? I REALLY REALLY DOUBT IT, but if by some unicorn miracle it is I’d support it. My personal preference would be a 15 roster game in launch with single player content. Then down the line you can add 10 dlc characters with 2.5 years of dev support.

Since the beginning i was not fond of a season model and staggered game release because it allows developers to handicap initial quality for profit. Patching in fighting games is healthy towards game balance but i think it hurts due to customer moral and bug issues.

My idea fighting game would have less than 7 patches A YEAR in the games life with 2 plus years of dev support and 10 hours of content ON LAUNCH.


Please stop asking for a pointless sequel. As if graphics even matter for a fighting game. I mean they recycled the street fighter alpha sprites for what like 10 games? Hell they even used the ugly ■■■ dated dark stalker sprites on marvel vs capcom and capcom vs snk and the games were great. I’ve always dreamed of a fighting game where they would just patch in fighters all the time and you could buy them as they interest you and ki delivered that 300%. There really is nothing wrong with the graphics and if they bother you so much then you’re just being a little snobby about the whole thing. Please just keep selling me more characters, there is no point in remodeling everything and releasing some new story with a gutted roster that would probably be half of the size of the current roster.


I wanted to just like your post, but while I agree with your points, you are being a little to aggressive. Which is not really any better than some other people on this forum, even though I agree with you.


Who said anything about graphics? People want a sequel so ig isn’t forced to work on a heavily bugged system


Just want a solid uniform base


If they were to announce a sequel, I wouldn’t expect an announcement until 2019. Why 2019 you ask? 2019 is the year of Killer Instinct’s 25th Anniversary!


What exactly is so heavily bugged? I mean i’ve been playing since season one and every now and then a bug showed up but they’ve been good about patching it. I’ve fought my way up to killer a few times on ranked since launch on every season and the net code is better than anything i’ve experienced in any other fighter. I’m just curious.


As if they don’t!
See todays post in the Tekken 7 thread where someone got a digital refund of the game because of… you guessed it… graphics.
So apparently graphics matter to some.
Who knew?