With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)


I’ll consider myself one upped. lol

Why is it overkill? if people enjoy playing the game, then what’s wrong with getting more of it?

As for the new console thing, MS has stated that Scorpio won’t have games that Xbox One doesn’t, as I’m sure you know. So I’m guessing you’re referring to a new console, yes?

360 had, I believe, a ten or eleven year life cycle. While PS4 is trouncing XB1 in sales, the XB1 is still their most successful console. So it stands to reason that with Scorpio not “replacing” XB1, that an XB2 would more likely have a similar lifespan, putting the XB1’s lifespan more in the 2023-2024 timeframe.

It’s all conjecture at this point, but if XB2 is really six or seven years off, then why would they need to stop making KI now?

Yeah see this is what I don’t get. If this model of KI has been successful, and if we take Rukari at his word that the game’s closing in on the ten million, with thousands of daily players (and I see zero reason to distrust him), then why on Earth would MS suddenly say “well, that worked. How about we change our plan completely and put up a ton of money up front.”

So yeah, the choice between this model vs AAA seems like a false choice. Maybe it’s not, who knows. But this idea of ending this game in order to get something better… I don’t think that’s automatic by any means. Maybe they just stick with this model or, maybe if they hear from enough people that don’t want this game anymore, they just end it and we get nothing. All are theoretically possible.

Personally, I’ll take more of this game over the same model started over in six years or whatever and I’ll definitely take it over nothing.

I don’t think so, man. We’re just having a conversation here. No worries. :slight_smile:

Ya know, people that disagree with you aren’t automatically drones. You think you’re the only free thinker to ever waltz in here and call everyone that disagrees with you sheep? Maybe you’re just part of a different hive? No? Well then how about we all assume that each person coming here does so because they can form their own opinion.

I enjoy this game because I like the characters and the gameplay. When I have an issue, I speak up on it. Most people here do the same, at least from what I’ve seen.

But you have to realize that when you come to a place where people generally like something and give a contrarian opinion, you’ll likely get some blow back. That doesn’t mean I want to attack you for having that opinion, just as it doesn’t make anyone drones, just because we’re in a place that unites us in liking one single thing.

Do you have anything besides anecdotal evidence to back up this claim? Rukari provided actual information on how the game’s been doing. Do you have actual information that directly contradicts a legit source?

MS also needs to make a thing called RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Injustice has the DC license and it’s on multiple consoles. MS putting out a game in a niche genre with much less brand recognition on their own console and Win 10 likely won’t have the same ROI as Injustice, regardless of how much money MS pumps into it up front, which is likely the reason why they chose the current model to begin with.

Now you might say “it’s been successful. So why not put more money in to it?” To that, I’d say maybe MS is putting in the amount that gets them the ROI they want. Maybe they put in more for a 4th season, but I tend to doubt they’d want abandon their current model in favor of a AAA budget, but I’m just guessing here.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe it’s not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it that draws negativity back to you?

I can agree with someone that’s not you without forming a circle jerk. If you don’t want Season 4, that’s fine. You’re 100% entitled to your opinion. But when you antagonize; call people drones, use terms like circle jerk… Then yeah, conflict breeds conflict. Not sure why that’s so surprising or offputting to you, and it’s certainly not unique to this forum. It’s human nature.

That sounds so “you’ll see!!” lol. Thing is, there are a lot of KI fans here, so if they announce a new game, I’m sure some will be sad this game is ending, but I’m sure most people would be excited for the new game. I know I would be.

People that liked this game might not like the next one, but again, that’s human nature. Some that loved the old games hated season one. Some that loved season one hated season two and so on.

Yeah I get the feeling that some attribute not liking this game or simply their issues with it to the budget, as if more money would fix everything. Not sure why that assumption exists. Plenty of AAA games come out buggy or lacking in options or modes or they’re simply not good.

Not saying MS / IF would make a worse game with more money, I’m just saying money doesn’t automatically solve all problems either.

Isn’t NRS kind of an outlier in this genre at this point? Most fighters don’t get AAA treatment at this point. Tekken 7’s been this slow burn in the arcade with more stuff added over time. At least from what I heard on Game Informer’s podcast, I don’t get the impression that this was a huge production from Namco.

So does one outlier in NRS prove that everyone else in this niche genre should go big or go home? Personally, I don’t see how you come to that conclusion.

Why don’t we check Scorpio’s price before we jump to that conclusion. They’ve said it’ll be a premium console and one that’s not designed to replace Xbox One. So while could be wrong, I don’t see a brand new 4K Killer Instinct coming out exclusively on Scorpio, but who knows.

What do you base that on though? How are you so certain that the evidence you have isn’t just as anecdotal as the opinions you see on this site?

Again, I’d be happy with a sequel or a new season, so don’t think I’m trying to disprove what you’re saying here. Just asking for something more specific than “most others.”

Rukari already said they’re not revealing season 4 at E3, so I’m not sure what that proves.

Anyways man, you seem pretty convinced of a lot of things. A sequel is more likely, a new system replacing XB1 is likely coming around 2020, and that most people want a sequel.

If that’s your opinion and that’s what you want, then more power to ya. I’d like at least another season. I think there are more that could be done with Shadow Lords and the story and that there are morecharacter ideas to be explored in this game and I enjoy this particular iteration, so more stuff equals more fun for me.

I know it’ll come to an end at some point, but who knows what they’ll do after this is over. We can assume, but we just don’t know. Not yet, at least. So until we know, I’m perfectly happy with them adding more to this. If you love this game like you say you do, I’m not sure why age matters on s game that’s meant to be an iterative platform or why you’d be against more content, but to each his own.

PS: Sorry for any typos. Did this on my phone at the auto body shop. :slight_smile:


Oh my God, the patience!


I wouldn’t mind infinite seasons, but at some point they’re going to need to upgrade the engine to something else (Unreal Engine 4? I don’t know what they use now) because the game handles perfectly imo, but the textures and animations are starting to looking a little dated.


I see a lot of misunderstanding about what is an engine.


Just to name one, Sonic Boom and Crysis 3 uses the same engine.

Just to name a game with the same engine that improved it’s graphics, WOW was launched in 2004, and they improved their graphics, textures and animations witt the same engine

Having a different engine doesn’t automatically means better graphics, unreal engine(since its the more mentioned) doesn’t mean to be perfect for every game


So when’s season 4 :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hex engine is the most optimal for this game? Idk

There also the issues of the game having to be download friendly, the file size limitation is likely a factor too.


If you close your eyes really tight and think of nothing but a Season 4, when you finally fall asleep you should have it, in your dreams…for now.


FOR now GUYZ!!! but still can have it later ahhahahahah
thank you Daddy!!!


Daddy? Well alrighty then I just came to see how things are going but I’ll just see myself out.


All things considered I think there’s only 1 member I know of on here that should be calling anyone on the forums Daddy, and that would be my son, @Thunderb3E, and even then it’s kinda weird because he’s nearly 13. :confused:


#Yas Daddy


Day 5.

I’ve been prowling these Forums. Trying to find some answers. I can’t help but realize that we are gonna get some info soon, but I can’t wait. None of us can. It’s gonna take massive amounts of will power to stay calm and Stay Tuned to the next bit of information we get. I don’t know how long I can last. Every day that goes on, Is another day without information. Got to hold on strong. I may not have much time left.

Fading away slowly,



doesn’t this confirms Season 4 for later? i think ‘‘stay tuned’’ 90% means ‘‘wait for that’’.


Not necessarily. He’s using in the sense of “Maybe, Maybe Not.” So, we could get info, but it may not be the info some people are looking for.


Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my…

Stay strong!! :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to figure out what Rukari will be doing at E3 with KI. He’s said they’re not announcing season 4 and anything Eagle related will happen independently of E3, so if it’s not Eagle and it’s not Season 4 then…


I asked Rukari that exact question and he said “It is possible, but we are figuring out the details now. Will either be at CEO or E3, though more like the former.” I’m assuming the “it” he’s referring to is Eagle’s trailer? I dunno. I don’t know anything. I know nothing. I am devoid of information where it pertains to KI and I must. Know. MOAR. :open_mouth:


i know but @rukizzel could also say ‘‘Now let’s talk to the inevitable question of the future of KI. You know my answer - stay tuned’’. to me it sounds like there is no other future for KI than season 4, in any form that this will happen.


Make sure to take it easy on your WTF#4 rations…I know several of us have already run out of ours…I just hope it’s enough to keep us going.

Stay Strong!!


Does omega count? Lol


Nope. Stay tuned means that I will neither confirm nor deny anything about the future because frankly we can’t fully predict the future.

All stay tuned does is leave us an out - a non-commitment either way.

What you should focus on is my giant hint of:

In the same vein, “for now” is nothing but leaving an out, not giving hopeful optimism. Sorry, just need to reiterate that. Sometimes I will make light posts and other times I will get very…direct.


So for now, you guys are extremely happy with the game where it’s at.

I’m happy with the game too, which is why I want more stuff for it.

Dang, now I’m kinda sad. :cry:

Don’t get me wrong, I know you can’t talk about anything you can’t talk about. I totally get that 100%. I just really hope that MS / IG are working on Season 4, as I’d love to get another batch of awesome characters and other goodies. It’s been said that KI will keep getting made so long as there’s a demand for it. I won’t say I’m “demanding” it, lol, but I’d sure love to see more!