With Eyedol's new design, is this KI officially a full reboot?

In case you weren’t around for season 1, Double Helix’s design philosophy for the story was that KI2’s time travel aspect was a bit silly, and thus was erased from the timeline; however, original KI’s story still happened.

At that point, the idea was that when and if KI2 characters showed up, they would just be made organic to the current game’s universe (which IG has done quite well IMO).

I had understood this to still be the case, but Eyedol’s new look has brought one (maybe two) inconsistency into the game: the head(s). Eyedol’s once had two heads, but now he has one that’s split in half (again, good work IG on making a re-worked design still play to the original).

Then there’s the theory that Gargos is the one that split his head, despite the previous canon being that Orchid killed Eyedol. This can go either way, as though Orchid lacks any way to actually split his head clean in half, it makes sense that someone other than Gargos killed him, since “you were the only one to stand against him” doesn’t mean much if he got bodied.

As I see it, IG has decided to go freeform without worrying much about old lore consistency. I am not necessarily for or against this, just wanted to share my thoughts and observations.

What do you all think?

As far as I’m aware, after season 2 started, IG erased KI1 and made a new timeline. KI1 and KI2 both exist in a separate timeline.

It’s possible that in this new KI’s timeline there WAS a KI tournament but Eyedol was never part of it. So the world is seeing Eyedol for the first time.

Yeah I would say this game is now an official reboot or alternate universe/timeline. We could just chalk Eyedol’s head issue up to a retcon though, as in we are just supposed to pretend he only had one head back then. IMO, its easier if this KI is just its own separate continuity separate from what I will now call the Rareverse lol

This is now the IGverse :wink:

KI has always been a reboot. They have just taken stuff from the original games and re-used them in this current canon. However, this game is not connected to the two past games.


It was confirmed on the Saucy Suite stream this morning that Gargos killed him.

As for not having a weapon to slice him in two, if you ask me the rip is uneven and looks more like…


Actually way, way, way back in pre-season 1 it was said to be a followup to KI 1 & 2.

And then later changed to be called a “reboot”, I believe.

I know that much, just that KI2 no longer happened in the past.

Also, yeah, I figured Gargos did it. Orchid, however, would have needed a weapon.

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Given the “portals”, and “other dimensions” theme that has been going on I can totally believe there are multiple timelines and Gargos can travel between them. If I had to create a story tying the games it probably would look like this:

In KI1 & 2 timeline Gargos only exists in the present time as an influence and needs help opening the portal to allow his full passage. He disguised himself as the Tiger Spirit and guided Jago to participate in the tournament to kill Eyedol and use his power to open the portal. Unfortunately Jago only managed to destroy Fulgore and was heavily wounded, it was Orchid who actually killed Eyedol. Since she didn’t follow the required rituals Gargos teached Jago disguised as the Tiger Spirit, instead of opening the portal to bring Gargos back she actually sent everyone to the past, including Gargos.

The warriors sent to the past went on a quest to destroy Gargos, specially Jago who felt betrayed by the demon. What the warriors didn’t know is that Gargos wanted to be defeated as his physical presence would have to be destroyed before his essence would go back to the void. It would take time but Gargos would succeed into invading another dimension.

Several thousand years passed and the demon was strong enough to try again. This time he made sure he himself killed the Eyedol of this timeline (in a time and place still unknown) and instead spread his influence through more warriors, not just Jago. He managed to fool Jago again (as the warrior of this timeline wasn’t aware of Gargos’es ruse) and used him to lure the other warriors and fight his enemies (Kim Wu) while giving the job of opening the portal to Kan-Ra by luring him into opening the portal seeking more power.

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The formidable light sabers Orchid carried in KI 1994 were definitely heat searing laser energy swords capable of slicing nasty troll meat right down the middle, melting surrounding tissue like precise surgical weapons of destruction.

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What @anon39655210 said is true and correct.

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I’m just trying to say that what KI’s story is and was has been drastically changed on and off through its production. As of now it’s a reboot but that was not always the case.

As far as where we are on the KI timeline, its after the events of what would have been KI 2 with Gargos tricking Jago, Sabrewulf removing his cybernetics, TJ doing the same, its almost as if this game is KI 3 but they just retconned the events of 1 & 2 oddly enough.

I Took this KI as a reboot from Season 1, so i’m not offended if confirmed.

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Why does everyone say IG and DH did away with or wanted the lore to go in this direction??

Its MS and Adam Isgreen that controls the LORE and STORY…NOT DH or IG.

DH and IG create the combat design…the frame work of the actual moving characters in the game it self. Not the art work, the lore, the hero art ect…

Its all MS and Adams Isgreens team. James Goddard and his team creates the modes…shadow lab, Shadow lords, ect…

Stop blaming IG

It’s always been a reboot, they just used the KI1/2 lore as a starting point and molded it to fit their needs.