Wishlist for the last character in KI season 3?

But seriously, I don’t think the “give up Eyedol fans” sentiment is widespread. I think the “Eyedol is an awkward character to reimagine” sentiment is more widespread, and I think the responses to that sentiment from the Eyedol camp tend to be uglier than anything the Eyedol “hater” camp tends to dredge up. If anything, I think the lack of respect for the devs generally displayed in the last Eyedol thread or two is enough to discourage a lot of people from sympathizing with that crowd on these forums.

There’s plenty that I don’t like about the creative design of KI as well. Hell, I think I see more in the concept of Eyedol that could be built upon than the devs appear to, even if I couldn’t give a damn whether Eyedol makes it in or not. But I think Isgreen and crew do a great job by-and-large, and I respect that it’s a difficult task and that devs take too much ■■■■ internally in the industry to also have to deal with our unappreciative bile. So when Isgreen says something about Eyedol that you don’t want to hear, sure – air your disagreement respectively, offer some alternative takes, etc – but show him the benefit of doubt on a few things, like that he knows his stuff and isn’t a moron or a negative influence on the game.

Anyway, wrt topic: insert list of mythical/horror/hero creature tropes here, I guess. I really don’t care, as long as they’re interesting – and even if I personally am not into them, I already have, what, at least 10 characters I am interested in learning? KI long ago provided more characters for me to learn than I could reasonably get through in the next few years, and any one of them is deep enough for me not to need to switch to any other. Hell, I could probably happily play Jago mirrors exclusively for the next year, and I’ve played a lot of Jago mirrors already.

I’ve seen more than my fair share of “I don’t want him in the game” nonsense from several forum users and they don’t even have reasons to back it up. They just don’t like him so nobody deserves to have him. I know how the devs feel about him too and honestly they’re more open than people would think.

Hey, if you ask me, people are the same way about Shorchid, were the same way about every guest character, etc. Fanboys are just ■■■■■■ and behave like entitled brats in general, I find myself calling it out all the time to no avail. You can’t behave like that and still expect to call it out when it trashes something you actually care about.