Wishlist for next KI story?

What would be the next story for Killer Instinct? If it were to take place after the comics?

Any wishes?


I have the first five comics, but I’ve only read the first one. I want to wait until the sixth (and I believe final?) entry comes out in order to read them all at once. Once I have, I’ll come back to this thread for sure! :slight_smile:




And maybe a cohesive narrative with twists and wondrous action, a few good one liners, and different endings for every character.

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Van Helsing makes an appearance to fight sabrewulf!

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Shadow Jago for playable character!

How about a new enemy after Gargos?

Perhaps a new & rival corporation that seeks to overthrow Ultratech?

Something with that WyvernX

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I’ve read 1-4 of the comics. I was surprised that Hisako and Eyedol wasn’t in there. I mean isn’t that their thing is to take down Gargos? I kinda salty, but it they come into play in comics 5 and 6 then i’ll take what i said back. I believe 5 and 6 is the comics that focus on Gargos.
As for where the story goes next I’d say since the covenant and Ultra Tech in an alliance, I’d like to see The Monster Hunters and The Disavowed work together. I would love to see the parallels to Maya and Orchid. Like How both of them have siblings teetering over to the dark-side and the conflict in themselves. Mayas daggers and Orchids paranoia, along with the stability of the Disavowed. Also I like to see how Eagle and Thunder interacts with each other. I feel Spinal and Sabrewulf should have a place in either joining the Covenant or destroying it.

There is one other thought I had for a story. I talked about this in another thread, but it may be more appropriate here.
Glacius saved Eagle by alternating his DNA. This means Glacius broke the 88 decrees he was suppose to up hold. This could cause conflict with others who are apart of the 88-d. Maybe there is an entire government that wage war against earth or capture the people who have broken the 88-d. Those who have broken the 88 may have to escape from the planet where the members of the 88 decrees is holding them. Never really had a galactic war in a fighting game. (at least I don’t think).
Any ways this is a list of everyone in violation of the 88.
Eagle- If I remember correctly Glacius infused Eagle with his DNA.
Aria -CEO of ultra tech. Been involved in experiments that breaks the 88.
Cinder -he himself is a violation.
Sadira -stole tech from Glacius for UT.
B.Orchid - her fire cat is due to experiments done by the founder of UT. Plus she used UT tech to create her batons. Glacius already states the UT itself is in violation.
Jago -could possibly pass down the fire cat to an off spring.
T.j Combo- his arms still have power from UT experiments.

Riptor is the result of the law of nature being broken.