Wishlist for new characters in season 3!

Since the interview with Adam, season 3 is almost coming in March!

Anyway… what’s your character wishlist for Killer Instinct season 3? We already know Kim Wu & Tusk will return, but any new ones in mind?

Since this is about Gargos, I hope for a vampire to join, since its about supernatural forces.


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I obviously want the remaining existing KI characters (Gargos and Eyedol), as well as Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion as a guest. A vampire would be cool, I like the idea of a character who’s gimmick is time manipulation (ie, slowing down, speeding up, reversing), a demon who is made up of instinct the way Omen is made up of shadow (possibly Eyedol’s herald), and a freakish mega mutant like Justin from TMNT.

Anyone got a new character wishlist for season 3 yet?

So much to choose, who would you pick? Please bold if the creators would see these

  • Vampire

  • Psychic

  • Merman

  • Elder Fighter

  • Wrestler

  • Wendigo

  • Insect

  • Bird

  • Mad Scientist

  • Detective

  • Agent

  • Archer

  • Symbiote

  • Mob Boss

  • Demigod