Wishful thinking, but move up S3 release date BEFORE Easter Weekend?

title says it all, wishful thinking but … KI fans are KI fans

Prob wouldn’t happen. I just wish they’d go ahead and let us pre-buy the game, and let us have some kind of bonus… like maybe Rash early? Remember how we got TJ early in Season 2 for pre-ordering? COME ON!! GIMME RASH!

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No cause i have had tojump hoops to get my vacation approved lol

hoops lit on fire or just regular hoops?

On fire lol

Yeah a pre-purchase option would be fantastic, that way everything could pre-download beforehand and just unlock on the 29th and be ready to use.

We are not getting Season 3 on the 29th because that just seemed like a nice date to launch. We are getting it on the 29th because they promised it in March and they still have a crap ton left to do.

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