Windows X Creators Uodate bricked my machine

First, thanks a lot MS…

I got home from being out of town for a week and my PC wouldn’t sign me in “failed to sign you in.” Multiple restarts did nothing. I tried restoring to a previous build - wouldn’t work. I tried “resetting” windows- wouldn’t work. None of the “automatic repairs” do anything. It’s actually gotten worse. Instead of hanging after I enter my login password now it hangs up trying to boot windows.

Anyone got any suggestions?

PS ■■■■■■■ thanks a lot MS…

not sure if it’ll work, but anniversary update, it froze my PC on login screen.
on frozen login screen, hard shut down the PC (hold power button on the cabinet),
after doing this 3 times, you can boot with advanced options and boot with safe mode

in safe mode, go to settings, device manager, and disable wifi, only use Ethernet.

that solved the anniversary update, don’t know if it’ll work with creator’s update

Thanks man. I wish I had seen this first. I can’t easily get on Ethernet with my PC…

And of course I’ve tried all kinds of stuff and now it won’t even boot to the login screen.

This is why everyone hates PC…


In case anyone cares, I was able to make a Windows X boot disk on USB using my work computer, and then do a fresh install on my home computer. So, all I have to do is reinstall every piece of software I have ever owned. Thanks again, MS. This was super fun…

This is why you should back up your PC.

I always create a partition for windows at 80 Gigs.
Then a partition for software. This way you keep
the back up as small as possible.

I use Clonezilla, because it creates an image
of only used data from the windows partition.
Also if possibly put the installed applications
on a separate drive, also where you should place
you backup folder.

With 2 SSD’s and clonzilla I do full windows
backups in 10 minutes, and it only takes up
22 Gigs.