Windows phone users, what start screen look like

I’m doing black on black right now

Did you talk to Cortana? Her sound is amazing or lame?

She sounds fairly natural most of the time. She good :slight_smile:

That pic make me think of this. Lol

Do tell to her… DO IT! Hehehe



I updated my Lumia Icon to the Windows 10 Technical Preview a few months ago and I hated it. It was a preview version but was way too laggy and unstable. I also hated how it made some of the tiles ridiculously large.

I returned back to the much better 8.1. Hopefully the final build will be better.

It probably turned the “show more tiles” setting off. I to hope those lagging issues are the results of demo software and not the final product. But I have seen WP10 run smoothly though.

Light theme

Wait… I just notice "Ridheside, TN"
You live in Tennessee? I live in Tennessee too!

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was a pic of Sgt. Foley, then TJ Combo, then Elena.