Windows 7 support please

By creating a garden that might be closed, and that in no way affects Win32? By bringing Xbox exclusives to said closed garden which you wouldn’t be playing at all otherwise? I’ve read a lot of the internet outrage over UWP, and I’m still not seeing it.

And if they’re going to fail, who cares? Why are you so angry?

So, it adds a couple of frames of delay, which…makes KI super-laggy, like, as laggy as MKX? So still faster than SFV?

I mean, I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t think it’s a sub-optimal situation for fighting games. A few frames can make the difference between reactable and unreactable, which is a competitive disadvantage and skews combat design intent. But it’s being fixed in May, along with support for g-sync and whatnot and the fullscreen thing that you brought up, and in the meantime 2 frames of delay isn’t game-breaking, and nobody outside of this tiny niche genre really gives a ■■■■ about a tiny bit of input delay so this is pretty much a storm in a teacup.

Once again, I’m shocked that this is the biggest complaint about UWP – though, somehow I’m jaded enough that people making this out to be a deal-breaker doesn’t surprise me at all.

If you had owned an Xbox One over the previous few years, you would’ve seen sweeping improvements to the system in that time. I think this notion that Microsoft don’t change anything is informed by selective memory at best.

It’s on Windows 10 because UWP is where cross-play/buy/save and integration with the Xbox Live network is coming from, and it’s not on Steam because Microsoft shouldn’t be paying Valve 30% of the proceeds of every sale just to release a game on their own ■■■■ operating system. And bringing these things to Windows 7 would (aside from being pointless because you hate UWP and the Windows store) cost resources that it doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to spend, because continuing to improve two major operating systems costs a ton of resources and introduces unnecessary complexity when they should be encouraging their users to migrate to the single most current OS available.

Having to play a Microsoft-produced game in one of Microsoft’s ecosystems isn’t Microsoft “once again trying to rule over the PC world with an iron fist.”

Since the onus is very much on you to demonstrate that UWP is the problem you’re making it out to be, could you give a brief technical breakdown of what UWP actually is?

Even though I’m new here and just playing KI for two days (on Win10), but I’m also a sophisticated Win32 and UWP Programmer. I can tell you that UWP program is far superior compare to Win32, also…to make xbox1 game into a UWP is simple, but make it into a win32…hey, if you have money you can pay them into KI team and they’ll make it for you anyway, but that will be ALOT. otherwise, that simply waste of time and money.

First of all, Windows 10 is faster than win 7 on many aspects, and it cost less processor power to run, if you got an opposite experience that most likely you should do a clean install of windows 10. WHY?
Because you have installed too many unwanted software on windows 7 and they rather make system unstable or just have bad compatibility and you shouldn’t install them at all.

You don’t like the new startmenu? Ok, get ClassicShell and you are all set.
“can’t go to the desktop with ALT-TAB now” that is because most of them think that is useless there, don’t use think win+d is far more faster than alt-tab over all the programs?
“some apps in fullscreen won’t minimize properly” can you say what app is that? because I don’t get such program at all.
“can’t run game in 2 windows that released in like 2004” what game anyway? but I do think that will be a problem, so I use virtualbox and installs windows 7 in it, also windows xp and windows 98 to play those retro games. It will be funny if you say “I have a game released 20 years ago, so I’ll stick to win95/98 coz new system cant run”.
Anything else bothering you?

The last thing I want to say is…Hey, KI is awesome and it worth the trouble to upgrade your system to win10. (even though that will be a bonus for future)

How is Windows 7 obsolete? It can do 99% of things W10 can do, it is also more polished and tried and true and it gives you more control, as it should. It is also years away from its EOL (which is 2020).
I will upgrade to W10 soon, but I’m not too happy about it, I’d rather stick with 7 at least for a couple more years. Right now other than exclusive games for me there is literally zero benefit for having W10. It will be a standard for gaming eventually, but it will be years till it happens.
I’ve heard they are remaking the explorer and you could probably imagine how horribly it might go.

TLDR; People are afraid of change. I work in IT, I see this first hand. If we have to upgrade office across the network suddenly the sky is falling and nobody can do their job. This is normal human nature people like what they are comfortable with and change is scary.

It’s funny all of the demonizing people are doing of Microsoft despite the fact they are using Windows 7. I don’t hear anyone complaining about Direct X, or arguing to use Ubuntu or Mac OS. You can play many games on those operating systems if you do your homework.

I was apprehensive at first, I have a steam library of over 100 games and many of my friends use steam. However most of my friends who play KI are on Xbox and many do not game on PC. The Xbox App and crossplay has been amazing in this regard. I’m playing KI with friends on Xbox and they have no idea that I’m on PC and that’s really great.

These are opinions which I disagree with, but okay.

Sure, and this is the main thing I’d hope for you to bring up if you’re arguing that Windows 7 isn’t done. It demonstrates that you care on some level that somebody is maintaining and updating the OS so that it remains robust and secure, that it isn’t just about what the binaries on your HDD do currently.

But the attentions of the maker of W7 are elsewhere. They’re not bringing new features to W7. The majority of Microsoft’s development resources are going into Windows 10 at this point, which in some moral sense means that W7 is basically on life support.

Besides, it kinda comes back to the sentiment reflected in comments like this one:

I don’t get this. You expect the majority of products that come out of Microsoft subsequent to some point in time to be terrible in some way, even when you’re hearing early speculation about projects in development?

I don’t know. I have friends who don’t like Windows – they run some other OS that they’re actually happy with, usually something like Arch Linux that they’ve customized extensively, and they begrudgingly dual-boot a Windows partition to run all their games because games are made for Windows. They’d be celebrating if the industry made the switch to the Unix world, but they don’t really comment much on the release-to-release quality of what Microsoft is doing because they don’t have this vexed love-hate attachment to the Win32 ecosystem or think that it is particularly sacred or “open”. I don’t agree with them on a lot of things, but I respect them for their taking an approach that is consistent with their views, and having the drive to move over to a different (and generally robust and fully-featured) environment from a vendor that they’re happy with, rather than vehemently complaining about Microsoft all day.

Me, I spent a few years on Ubuntu – which is the Linux distro that is making an effort to be accessible to the broader world – before getting a new laptop and deciding to keep the Windows 8 install because, frankly, whilst underneath there somewhere the Unix stuff is pretty sound and I miss bash a bit, the stuff they piled on top of that is hot garbage. I have to imagine that garbage is the byproduct of a genuine attempt to make Linux more accessible, too. The whole experience made me appreciate how hard Microsoft’s job of catering to a billion tech-illiterate end-users truly is, which is a big part of why I don’t immediately give them ■■■■ if I’m not into the tablety start menu or some of the UI is glitching out at launch.

I don’t really care. I haven’t updated my system in ages, because I’ve been lazy about it. It is pretty robust as is, with SSD load times are almost instant anyway and the best thing that can keep your system secure is not being an idiot.
Also, you are implying that Microsoft are unable to work on multiple systems at the same time, which is wrong. Heck, they are still supporting XP, because they get fat checks from the military and other institutions that rely on it. They might not be designing new features, but I have all the features I need and none that annoy me.

It’s not a speculation, one of the devs said that they are working on it. And I don’t expect all features to be bad, but when it comes to UI, I’m not getting my hopes up, since now we share the same system with mobile devices and they have to cater to them, which means there will be compromises which will affect PC-specific funstionality.

Well, frankly, I don’t have a reason to care how hard their work is or how much they are trying, they are not my friends or my family, they are a billion-dollar company and I’m the consumer and all I need is a working product. They should be the ones dealing with bugs and glitches, not me.
I don’t hate Windows 10, don’t get me wrong, but I think they should have tested it a lot more before releasing it. They had thousands of free volunteers that tested the system for them, they didn’t even have to compensate them, the system probably should have stayed in the insider program exclusively for at least a year.