Windows 7 support please

Just got back to Win7 after 2days using a Windows 10, fk dat bullsh*t. So please add Windows 7 support. Until then the game is not worth the pain of using Windows 10 as main OS, mb as a second one idk.

1st off “fk dat”? was it really that much trouble to spell that? and no it wont come to windows 7 ever it uses DX12 which 7 can’t use.

f*ck that, happy now?)

As somebody who has been in the tech industry as an IT professional for over 10 years now, and grew up using computers starting on windows 3.1 I really don’t see the gripes about Windows 10. WIndows 8 sure it was set up for tablets and went a little overboard on the tiles. But windows 10 has all the same functions as windows 7 with some new added conveniences. Objectively speaking I don’t see any way in which WIndows 7 is better.

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It doesn’t use dx12.

That’s all you gave it? 2 days? Win10 is far superior to anything 7 can offer and it will take more than 2 days to figure that out. This game will never hit any other platform because DX12 is only on Win10

I agree Windows 10 is a great OS. But KI is not using DX12. They mainly released the Game on Win10 to promote the windows store, which is ok.

Windows 10 is far superior to Windows 7 and doesn’t use nearly the processing power to run it. It’s clean, unobtrusive, and all of my computers running on it load up incredibly fast. My notebook can go from a complete shut down to ready to use in less than sixty seconds. Before I added all of my digital software (Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, and other editing stuff) it could boot in less than 30 seconds.

As with all things technology, if you want to keep up with the bad boys you have to embrace the new tech. MS isn’t supporting Direct X 12 on its older OSes…

My mistake, i thoguht i read it on the spec page on the WP store, must have been thinking of osmething else at the time.

This is unrealistic to the point of trolling. Should this be in OT? Because it feels like it should.


More user control, less bugs, an update process that doesn’t rain doom upon your machine every time you install an update, consistent visual design, less shady practices… do I need to go on? Shortcomings of W10 are pretty evident.
W10 is a glorified beta test, it’s not quite there yet to be objectively better than 7. And it might never be in all aspects.

I dont rly use editing software but my PC loads up like in 1.5s on Win7. It’s so fast that Skype don’t kick me out off conversation when I reboot my PC )
About Win10: Useless start-menu(can’t attach apps that I want, alot of useless information on right-side etc), can’t go to the desktop with ALT-TAB now (u have to use win+d or another trick), some apps in fullscreen won’t minimize properly, can’t run game in 2 windows that released in like 2004(but its all good on win7) and other little things, so you see Win10 cause more problems than solutions for me, so I’ll stick with Win7.

I just feel like KI could run on Win7 just fine thats all)

Look, KI is win10 only because of the Xbox live interaction and also because Seven which is an excellent OS is now out of business for MS. So go foreward and adapt you or stay on 7 and launch other recent fighting blockbuster. But stop cry.

reboot your pc in 1.5 seconds? sure, the bios / UEFI would take at least 5 seconds at best, and even with an SSD the best load times are between 10 and 20 seconds, so that’s still minimum 15 seconds if you’re lucky.

Yeah I got a SSD and its like 1.5s after bios loadup(like when it shows a windows welcome screen or how do u call it) so I guess I’m sorry for disinformation but w/e still rly fast

Not happening.

Most of the issues people experience with Windows 10 are because they not doing clean installs. You may want to try again.

Alot of nonsence in this thread.

Windows 10 might be an OK operating system compared to 8 but the problem here is the fact the game is only available as a windows store app.

I think the horrible problems about this framework and gaming have no been pretty solidly documented. Not being able to run the game in exclusive fullscreen or turn of Vsync is inexcusable.

The DirectX 12 stuff not being a thing yet, people have to note that the infrastructure to link a game in with Xbox Live for crossplay/buy/save with the Bone version is probably a part of UWP and not available on 7.

This and also so they didn’t have to sacrifice 30-40% of the proceeds to the Gaben altar. The idea of MS paying a third party to release a game on their own platform is absurd.

But you’re sticking with an obsolete operating system over a current one. Shouldn’t you be taking some sort of migratory path more seriously at some point very soon, either to 10 or to a different ecosystem entirely?

Every new platform launches with bajillions of issues. Frankly I’m surprised that something as insignificant as ■■■■■■■ v-sync is front and center of the issues with UWP, because it should’ve been something far worse. V-sync is, like, number 1078 on the list of things that a games platform has to get right, and the “inexcusable” part of the list probably stops before 200.

Anyway, I think it’s a take-it-or-leave-it deal at this point. Frankly I’m sick of people coming on here to complain that playing the game they want to play conflicts with their politics.

Yeah, that’d be a better fit.

Well this just proves you don’t have much of an idea of what you are speaking about, way to defend something that shouldn’t be. Microsoft are simply trying to keep a vice grip on gaming and trying to turn our PC’s into consoles. and with this attitude they are going to fail miserably (again).

When you have MS developers that worked for Microsoft warning everyone about this you know there is a problem. MS have always been very funny about cross platform support as well.

Vsync for a fighting game is actually very significant. Because it introduces input lag, so the option to turn it off needs to be there, and just for people that don’t have good cards.
No true fullscreen mode is simply inexcusable and is carrying a performance impact among other issues.

The directory of the game is locked and can’t be adjusted in any manner. This flies in the face of PC gaming. SF5 on steam is cross platform with Ps3 and does not carry any of these issues.

Now I might be a power user and I also use 3dvision. and its probably a bit of a secret that this game looks amazing in 3d, apart from a couple of issues (shadow moves and the NCP settings not working… Which could be fixed easily if these things where not the case. It has to be seen to believed but because of microsofts retarded decisions it may never be able to be tweaked to resolve the remaining issues.

They may fix Vsync, but it’s almost certain given their track record will not fix any of the other issues in anyway that is a real solution.

Our PC’s are not consoles stop trying to force them to be…

There’s no real reason why this game could not just be released on windows 7 or steam for that matter. Other than Microsoft once again trying to rule over the PC world with an iron fist.

and unless they change their attitude damn fast and back up their claims with action, their so called gaming initiative will fail harder than GFWL ever did.