I’m really excited with all this stuff of the launch of KI for WX.

With the “cross platform” feature, I was expecting to join some friends that are playing on xbox, however, I cannot “open” the xbox app overlay inside the game, beside for buy the packs, and also I don’t know how to add friends/invte friends to fight in a match with me…

when I press “windows+G” appears “this game cannot be recorded”… so any help?

ty in advice!

its currently bugged im sure one dev said and they are working on it.

You can accept the invitations in the Xbox app in Windows 10

So basically I have to keep the game windowed?, or there’s a way to open the overlay in the KI app?

You can move easily between the game and the desktop thanks to the Windowed Borderless screen. Remember that the game runs in UWP