Windows 10 wont record my gameplay

Hey guys, Im trying to get a video recorded of me doing stuff in training mode but for some reason when I hit the record button the App says “Theres nothing to record.” I’ve been mashing buttons while it tries to figure out what its looking at but it keeps saying theres nothing.

Can someone tell me whats going on? How do I get Windows 10 to record footage? Im on PC btw.

Pretty much the application for KI on Windows exists in its own dimension and cannot be seen by many features of your PC, including volume mixer and recording software.
Only way to do it right now is to set up your recording software to capture the monitor itself, which also means you have to go get additional capture software instead of using the Windows Live one or whatever it’s called since it can’t see it.

I recommend using OBS; it’s used widely by streamers everywhere and I’ve personally used it to bypass this issue.

im using the Xbox record feature.It worked fine before, but for some reason it just wont recognize that Im playing the game.