Windows 10 Screen Tearing

Hi All

I am wondering if i am the only one that is having screen tearing issues, i see lots of threads where people are having this issue, I am running at the moment 2600K, 16GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 780 and 1080P Monitor @ 60hz MAX, feels like the game is running at more due to the screen tearing, it was totally perfect when the game was released but as soon as the Patch went down its screwed it all up.

Why cant there be options for users to control the refresh rates and Vsync in the game, 99% of AAA Games has this so why can this game have it?

Any ideas on how to fix this as its preventing me from kinda playing as the tearing is really bad

Can u check with GPU Z if ur gpu is maxing out the core clock while playing?

its not maxing out my gpu core and its only pushing 50 degrees

even before the patch 3.0 it was the same yet before i had no tearing

Also something i cant do with Killer Instinct is monitor my Frame Rates, which is soo frustrating, is it a microsoft app thing that i cant do it?

Well i think core clock should go max in games. At least thats what i read somewhere. I was having screen tearing aswell yesterday because my gpu wasnt maxing core clock. I just restarted my pc and it went normal. Dunno what caused it tho.
Anyway what gpu do u have? If it is nvidia go to control panel 3D definitions—> energy management —> maximum performance. Give it a try.

It was set to adaptive, changed it to maximum, Launched KI and no changes, still get tearing at the bottom of the screen

Ok. What about the use of the gpu now? Is it maxing out core/memory clocks?

yup its maxing out but still no change

Yeah the 144hz screen tearing is still present Seems like they need to do more tuning on their end.

i dont have a 144hz monitor, i only have a 60hz

I just noticed this and it’s unplayable… I see tearing all over the place now. Didn’t happened until today (I stopped playing for 1 week)

I’m using a GTX 960, I must add that I just updated nvidia drivers last night so it might be something related to nvidia drivers tho.

I have the same problem since the release day. Geforce GTX 750ti (with last drivers - 365.10) and 60hz monitor. Vsync is ON on the Nvidia control panel.
It’s unplayable for me too, really distracting and ugly. Hope this is gonna be fixed soon.