Windows 10 KI Gold Purchase Didn't Work (0x801901890)

I just tried to purchase $10 worth of KI Gold through the Windows 10 version. I made a purchase through Paypal, but I got an error, saying there was a problem on Microsoft’s end. I tried this again two times, but thankfully, the payment only went through once as far as I know. I tried rebooting the computer, but it still doesn’t seem to have worked. I dare not try and purchase it again for fear of accidentally spending another $10 that I don’t want to spend. I’d really like this situation resolved as soon as possible.

EDIT: The error also said [CV:oWc3lGKvE2XY4tN.12.7]

We’ll look into getting this resolved for you.


Sent you a screenshot of the error in question.

Same sort of thing happened to me, too. Checked my Microsoft account and it’s reflecting that I bought the gold, but I’ve yet to see it in game. I understand that it might take some time to go through. I made the transaction late last night. Will check it again when I get off work today. Hopefully, I’ll have some KI gold waiting for me, and this will not be an issue.


Just checked it. Still no KI gold. Contacting Microsoft Help Desk.