Windows 10 Grayed Out

Ran into a new issue - the season 3 characters only show up on the Xbox One version - they have a delay timer on the PC version and are not selectable unless you want the AI to use it.

Help please?

How did you resolve this problem I have the exact same problem I can’t get November update anywhere

can somebody post a screenshot of their version.

Go here and scroll down to the ‘Download Tool’ section. Download it, run it, and ‘Upgrade’ - do not worry, it will NOT wipe your files/drive/install of anything. Yes, you are upgrading Windows 10 with Windows 10 - basically the tool is updated and will give you the 1511 version you need, but again, it will not alter your current install outside of that.

I read about it here and it worked flawlessly for me. There were a couple of settings I had to change back to what I wanted them at (naturally) but it does not ruin anything on your PC. Your wallpaper will be there, your files, your programs, etc.

That one is the wrong version. You want this:

Shouldn’t you also start KI S3 on your xbox first to enable the free download on PC…? Although you probably already did this.

No that has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

No, but that might be the next thing you or anyone else runs into. :wink:

I had the exact same problem with the update. I reinstalled my machine a couple of days ago and the update just wouldn’t install. It’s available for download now but in the meantime I also had to log into the updated client on my Xbox.

Everything is working on my end, including all the missing crossplay characters. Everything is great.

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Same problem. I downloaded MediaTool and it works ! :relaxed: