Windows 10 game enhacements


Just installed Killer Instintic on Windows 10. Great game!
But I miss an option to change the default language of the game. Don’t wan’t to play it in portuguese…
And please… everytime we start the game it keeps searching for things to download.

Fix this and the game will rock the world :smiley:

Have you tried doing this?

I don’t want to change my OS language. I want to change only the game language.

Change default language wont change your system language.
it’s only adds a language into “Input Method” (WinKey + space)

The only problem of this is when you boot your pc, the input method is set to default language, you have to change them for once.
Anyway, I suppose that KI team will make a way to change language later.

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I always change the language of my games to english.
Will wait for it =]