[Windows 10][Bug/Issue] Can't Progress Past "Checking Download Content"

I’m sorry for adding a new thread to the growing list of Windows 10 problems, but I haven’t seen anyone else with quite the same issue as me so hopefully maybe someone else will know what to do.

When I finished downloading the PC version of Killer Instinct, I was able to boot up the game and sync my data from the Xbox One version just fine. I was able to test the settings and went to training mode for a bit and found that everything ran pretty smoothly. After quitting out of the game, I ended up inviting my friend over to play some matches and seeing as I didn’t have an extra arcade stick for him to play on the PC version, we decided to play on the Xbox One. Once we finished playing and he headed back home, I decided to go play some more on the PC version. I accidentally forgot to turn off the Xbox One and then was greeted with the message of KI being played on the other console and if I wanted to play it on the PC instead. I clicked yes to play on PC and then it asked me where it wanted to sync data from (The PC or the cloud). I chose the cloud as it was the latest save and when I went to sync it, it told me it couldn’t load it. Now anytime I try to boot up the game on PC, I’m stuck on the “Checking Download Content” portion of the game. It doesn’t ask me to sync any data or anything like that anymore.

I tried uninstalling the game and re downloading it in hopes of that being able to fix the issue but it was to no avail. I noticed though that the 21.7 GB download that took me almost 6 hours last time only took me 15 minutes this time so I’m under the impression that when I uninstalled the game, it didn’t actually delete all of the data. So I went into C:\Program File\WindowsApps and fully deleted the KI folder from there and then started downloading the game again and noticed that once again the 21.7 GB download only took 15 or so minutes to finish. Refreshing the Windows Store with WSReset.exe didn’t alleviate my problems and neither did restarting my PC.

I’m losing my marbles over here, I’m not sure of what else I could possibly do to fix this issue. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Well this is quite embarrassing. I found the solution to my own problem.

What I did to fix the problem was to go into Run > Services and found all of the related Xbox services running and disabled all of them so that way when I started the game, it forced them back on and did a proper sync so now the game is running nice and smooth.

If a mod could lock this thread then that’d be greatly appreciated. Or not as this might help someone else out there.

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