Windows 10 anniversary update breaking killer instinct

has anyone else had issues with win 10 anniversary update crashing KI to desktop just after launching it?
I had to revert back to get it working again,i have it installed on an ssd secondary drive on my gaming laptop,it worked flawlessy before update.
I`m holding out on updating now because of this issue.
Any help or fixes would be greatly appreciated.

Fine for me.

I’ve never had this Win 10 anniversary update, unless I missed something

its rolling out gradually but you can get the update straight from microsoft

ok so i think i found the issue after trying update again via iso image.
it appears that kaspersky updates during the upgrade and adds a new module that blocks start up programs that are not in kasperskys database after lots of allowing stuff it does indeed work with with win 10 anniversary.

I said fine for me but in fact my multiplayer is laggy af whereas before it was beautiful. Will try a few things to see if it fixes the issue.

Just installed the anniversary update and now KI does not recognise my xbox 360 fight pad, Other games are fine with it

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