Windkick Paradise

So after playing a bit in exhibition I noticed something irregular with Jago. My opponent was surely using the new Assist mode as I didn’t notice it before. Needless to say, I attempt it myself and came up with a rather hilarious outcome.

But, check it out for yourself: I couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid it looks.

Edit: I just realized Jago cut his vocals short, he got pretty “winded” from vocalizing his attacks :joy:


Kuuga kuuga kuuga kuuga kuuga. Will try myself-10/10 Ign


Yeah, pretty nasty glitch that snuck through somehow. :frowning: Hope they fix it soon!

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That was quite amusing I must say :smile:


Something like this happened to me today!
Im pretty sure the opponent WASNT using Combo Assist, But he was able to replace Auto Doubles with Wind Kick linkers!
I was focusing really hard on what to break, and then i saw him do this and went “OMgosh WTF LOL what is happening?”

(also, it wasnt just light versions. i THINK he went light, heavy, medium.)

What makes you think they didnt have assist on?

Their combos had a little variation.

Im not POSITIVE they didnt have it on. the only way to tell FOR SURE is to see if they can mash buttons in footsies, and i dont remember if they could or not.

Oh My Gosh. im testing this right now.

You can do it with every wind kick version, AND you can chain 3 medium laser swords together!

Also, Omen can chain Heavy Slides together!

Thats all ive got so far, but its clearly not just Jago!

So far, it ONLY happens with combo assist on.

But seriously, we need this thread to stay alive, but also somehow be moved into the “bugs and feedback” category. can we do this?

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Lol I wanted to keep it here just for the giggles never intended it to be a bug thread. You’re free to use my video though :grin:


Shoutout to the Mods who gave this thread enough attention to move it to where it needed to be in the forums. <3

is this unbreakable?

I don’t believe so. I managed to break it but it was random. I would need to practice the timing more to see at what point it can be broken. I’ll post my findings shortly.

Edit: Ended up breaking the move down, it IS breakable since it is a linker. But, you can use all strengths without dropping the combo or using an AD/manual. In practice, it is actually ridiculous as to how crazy it can be used. Here’s the video.


Well, it doesn’t stop there, figured out you can use Laser Sword in the same manner with some limitations. You can linker a LS over and over so long as you don’t attempt to link the same strength consecutively. Here’s my findings:


LOL Windkicks for days. Well, at least we know it’s breakable.

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Almost took it for new tech, was happy until I realized how crazy it was. The Windkick doesn’t have much of an advantage unless you are going for lockouts but the Laser Sword is almost broken. Worst part is I think Jago players are catching “wind” and playing him unfairly. Well, it was bound to happen. It is fun to practice with though.

It’s crazy mainly because it means the opponent has no idea what to look for when breaking. Medium linkers are kinda sorta breakable on reaction but only if you know a linker is coming. If Jago can do all sorts of manuals, linkers, and auto-doubles sprinkled in at will, it’s just massively silly and wholly unbreakable.

It’s a very cool looking glitch but it sucks it made it into the game and probably won’t be fixed for a good 2-3 weeks, due to how long the turnaround for patches takes. But I dunno, stuff happens I guess.

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I have experianced this bug as well Please fix as soon as you can.

Even if they were to release a mini patch just for this bug we won’t see it until they’re back from the holidays. Since other people have been saying Omen and Shago also have the glitch it’s clearly linked to the around the world trait so maybe they can pinpoint and fix It quickly.

It is a silly glitch and does lead your opponent to have to guess, I’m not defending this but I don’t see how it’s much different than sabrewulf resets and manuals being a massive guess or spinals vortex, causing the opponent to have to guess left/right, overhead/low. (Obviously it’s different in the fact that it’s linkers and is breaking the combo system im not a fool, but what is the difference in regards to what the opponent has to do in response guessing is guessing)

I’ve used this and while it was funny I ultimately want Removed from the game. But if it is agreed guessing what to break is a problem then a lot of characters need to be re evaluated for S3.