Win counter in online

New here so not sure if it’s been brought up but the way the win counter works in online is somewhat wonky.

Your score is always on the left and your opponents is always on the right, even if you are on Player 2 side and your opponent is on Player 1. It also pools all your opponents wins instead of showing how many wins each individual player has before they fight you. I imagine it’s just because of how the UI for Season 2 works and it’s such a minuscule thing that doesnt affect gameplay but it’s one of those things you notice one day and never stop noticing from then on so to see it fixed in Season 3 would be nice.

When i first picked up KI, i also noticed this.

I just said “Oh well, its broken, whatever.” And then never thought about it again.

But yes, it would be nice to have it work, AND be more pronounced. Seeing win streaks in game would add a lot more pressure and adrenaline to the fights. It would also bring out the “mind games” of killer instinct a lot more.

I’m surprised they haven’t done this already. Done anyone know if it was broken in S1?

While you’re mostly right, I’d worry that if something like that was shown prior to the fight itself, that it would cause a lot of newer players to quit out early or even before the match starts.


Just another one of those annoying bugs that seemingly should be super easy to fix but for some reason will probably not get fixed any time soon if ever. Chalk it up to KI being a “budget game” I guess.