Win 10 Game crashes Instantly, Anyone else?

Win 10 player here. Been trying to get in game all day, but can’t get it to load at all. The first download and install I would click open and didnt even notice it opening up and closing at first. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about getting stuck on the loading screen but I don’t get that far even. There was an update to my video card driver so I updated that and same issue still. Uninstalled then redownloaded and installed, takes me 5 hours to download the game :(. Still closing as soon as the window pops up though. I tried making another sign-in account on windows and running the game thru that, same thing. Tried uninstalling my antivirus and malware software, a lot of the stuck loading screen issues have been fixed by getting rid of Avast, so thought maybe mine were too. No dice. In CCC everything is the default of let application decide and nothing is forced, I dont have issues with any other game so I’m throwing in the towel for now, doesnt appear to be anything wrong on my end. Specs are i5-4670k and a 290X

Are you running a preview version of Windows?

No just regular updates that come through, Win 10 pro. No preview/beta updates/drivers at all.

Edit: I have checked a few times to make sure I have all the windows updates, I’m all current. I also notice that none of the other games I have installed from the windows will work. Only Solitaire and Sonic Dash, but now everything is closing right when it opens. Steam/origin/ games are fine and normal. Seems either the Windows store issue or something with KI or a mix of both.

I got the same issue. The game window closes immedietly after I click to start the game.

Running on a fully updated Windows 10.

do you happen to use extension usb cable to your controller ?

I have the same problem, but my experience with this problem is after I had updated my drivers, (Or at least thought I did) it messed up and doesn’t even start up from the store. I have absolutely no clue why I could play it for a little bit at ■■■ frames per second. My computer specs are above minimum, but a little below recommended. I have a 8700R AMD A10 Lenovo Laptop. So I thought “There is no way in hell it is running this slow on a fairly decent computer”. My game ran in complete slow mo, and it failed every test I tried with the lowest -lowest- settings you can imagine. So I went into my graphics driver thingy and bumped all of the processes to the fastest and most optimized, and then when I tried to boot it back up it would display killer instinct and then fade to white and stop… like it wouldn’t even recognize that it crashed, my computer didn’t even have the processes showing on the Task Manager.

Nope. Tried to start without anything connected.

Also my PC is well over recommended specs.

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at least you guys see the window open and close when i press play it acts like this app is broken. i can’t even start up the app. and where i go to the game hub i get a blank screen.

Did you try my suggestion? It looks like my post was deleted for no reason, idk.

Yea I tried the video but the input icacl can not be found. No luck on it

Any official word on this? The game just closes directly after startup.