Will we see another Ultra Fan Book?

I’ve been hoping for season 2’s end, that we would see another Ultra Fan Book. Similar to the first when the game launched. I love Killer Instinct and the concept art is always fascinating to see. Also since IG took over the game I would like to see their concept art and read little tid bits of info on KI’s development. Please MS make another Ultra Fan Book of Iron Galaxy’s art concepts with interviews, including info on the games development. Although I’m at the point now which I don’t know, if now would be a good time to release a fan book. Perhaps the best time would be post launch of season 3.


I would definitely buy it.

Please include a subway-sized Hisako poster, thank you darlings :sunglasses:


Art books are the coolest. I say we get another one, as well as making the Season1 art book easier to obtain (i.e. More retail stuff)

I’ll buy it without any doubt. I really want it.

I would buy, too! The first book was so awesome.

I would love to see one!

YES please! i have S1 fan book and its amazing! Especially for only 20-25$…dont forget you also get a free online Prima strategy guide code and a booklet version of Jagos strategy guide.

I think there definitely needs to be a S2 book…i believe i asked this question months ago on a Q&A or weekly text stream… either they didnt give a def answer or they said that the creators of the first book were not signed on to do S2 so at the moment there were no true plans for it to happen… wait until the end of the season and they would know more… something like that.

WE NEED A NEW TEXTUAL STREAM with Q&A !!! SO we can ask some questions like this.

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