Will we ever get a standard arcade ladder

Shadow lord is amazing don’t get me wrong but I feel it would be easy to add and just something a little extra like a Ki 1-2-3 then all ladder or retro ladder.

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I would definitely like an actual arcade ladder that is like the season 1 story mode, except being able to use any character. It should still have the secret Shago boss. Also, it does not need the slideshow endings that were in the season 1 version. Text endings might work, but they are not completely necessary.

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It would be a LOT BETTER than the “story modes” that we got.

It amazes me how they spent time and money on those mediocre story modes with mediocre cutscenes, fully voiced trailers with more polish than anything in-game, and even SPENT MONEY RELIGHTING THE WHOLE GAME instead of, you know, things that WE ACTUALLY ASKED FOR (Stages for everyone, Good cutscenes, Ultimates, No Mercies, redone Retros).

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That’s subjective. Just because you prefer one to the other doesn’t make one better or worse.

If you’re gonna be a broken record, at least be constructive and give factual reasoning to back up your arguments.

Stages may come eventually. They haven’t said that it won’t ever happen.

Cutscenes will come with an increased budget. They can’t make people work for less money, or none at all.

Ultimates may still happen. Just because they aren’t in yet, and haven’t been confirmed from a developer, doesn’t mean they won’t exist. Ex. Eyedol

No Mercies or Ultimates. Pick one. That’s likely what the developers have to say to themselves when they get the go ahead to do another Season.

Redone Retros likely won’t happen until modding becomes a thing. They won’t give us Butt-crack Orchid, racially insensitive Thunder, or whatever else, because it hurts the integrity of their company to allow easy fodder for SJWs and bad press.

I can see them fixing hair/fur to behave properly and make Retro Wulf not look like a rat, but we have to be realistic with our expectations. Otherwise, we’ll all end up ■■■■■■ about what we didn’t get, instead of excited about the things we do have.

On Topic: I’d love for a simple Arcade Mode to be attached, but I’d only see cutscenes happening i that was the only new mode. Personally, I’d prefer a better, redone Dojo for each character, and some simple Training Mode improvements.


With Arcade Laders in mind, how about there be special events where you do specific challenges in each match for bonus Character EXP?

I honestly feel like Season 1 & 2’s story might have worked as an “arcade mode” were it not for the fact that season 1 didn’t have a real boss, and season 2’s “boss” wasn’t the final fight on most characters’ stories. If they had it might have gone a long way towards aleveiating the want for a proper arcade mode, as it’s really all that’s missing other than a unified character select method.
But I don’t see an arcade mode coming anytime soon. My guess is they are banking on Shadow Lords being the main attraction for the single player experience, and if they did make a simple arcade ladder alongside it & turned out more people played it than the SL mode, it would probably be hard for the KI team to justify SL’s cost in money and time to their superiors and future ventures into other costly features such as more characters, giving all the homeless characters stages, ultimates, etc. would probably not happen.

I think KI needs a proper ‘simple’ arcade ladder.
ladder 1: with season 1 boss
ladder 2: with season 2 boss
ladder 3: with season 3 boss
ladder 4: with bosses gargos and eyedol
ladder 5: with all characters and bosses.
something like that.
simple and fun. :slight_smile:

Its doubtful at this point.

I wouldn’t say that, I think it’d be safe to say it’s doubtful for season 3, but doibtful for the rest of the game’s lifespan? There’s always hope. But like I said my guess is they don’t want to risk an arcade ladder overshadowing Shadow Lords at this point in time.

It’s just a dream…they’ll never do an arcade ladder, @WrathOfFulgore is right with his thoughts. They spent many resources on SL and they’ll spend again after the release in order to fix bugs and add purchasable content (with ingame currency or not) or variants/events for the SL.
Add a ladder would require other resources. Probably less, but they didn’t care til now so I doubt they’ll never do.

Despite what I said earlier I hope they do make an arcade ladder, and if we as a community keep pushing for it it’ll stand more of a chance of seeing the light of day than it would if we just accept defeat.

You, sir, are right. I’ll pay for a proper ladder but, standing to…thousands? Of demanding post @developers didn’t answer a single time (from when I read here) so I stopped hoping.


But so, so true IMO…

Yeah, how dare they not give us the things we asked for, and instead gave us junk like Kim Wu, Tusk, a vampire character like we were going to get in KI2, Arbiter (a request since season 1), Gargos, Eyedol, a PC port…how dare they reject our requests and…oh wait. :unamused:


Id be happy with just a choice to select either Survival health restriction or NO survival health restriction …therefor making it an ENDLESS ladder.

Im not sure who or why they decided to have Survival health in the Shadow Lab to use for creating Shadow data…thats the worst idea ever.

You dont play the same when you start the match with 1 life bar and the Shadow actually gets a win along with Shadow points when you loose due to not have full health and an unfair disadvantage.

Ridiculous. PLEASE REMOVE SURVIVAL HEALTH RESTRICTIONS FORM THE GAME PLEASE… we just want a normal ladder… with BOSS and story board endings would be great… with out I guess is acceptable if it removes Survival.

Survival :wink:

They are outdated things with little replay value. Sounds like a waste of time, effort and resources. It’s mostly there for nostalgia purposes.

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Replay value simply means people are willing to go through it over & over. Years of people playing arcade ladders on multiple fighting games proves people are willing to do just that. In the same essence Survival has little replay value, because all you’re doing there is just fighting everyone on the roster over & over. The only difference is Survival has no boss, no end point, and doesn’t give you full health back. Three slight variances would not make one mode the game’s bread & butter & the other mode old garbage nobody wants.

Agreed ! All that would make us really happy, is a regular ladder mode ! Nothing too fancy, A ladder mod, with Bosses ! Maybe some bonuses along the way, like breaking cars lol… Yes ! Ladder Vote !