Will time travel concept return someday?

With the KI2 characters remade into modern characters (except Tusk who is an immortal), will they bring back the concept of time travel someday?

Does it need to return? I mean, the characters who were from the past, who are Maya, Kim Wu and Tusk, are now integrated into the modern setting of the new KI, so there’s no real point in travelling back in time now.

Unless it’s too see how those in the past fought off the ancient shadow lords story wise of course.

I hope not, I like the way the direction the story is going in now. Time Travel always over complicated storylines or left some major plot holes.

I kinda had an idea for a WW2 soldier who could’ve probably fit that criteria. His story during an on going war back in the 60’s, Ultratech sends it’s cronies on the battlefield, attempting to allow the enemy to win, thus altering history that would benefit them somehow. After finding the warp hole where the enemies are forming, he charges at them, thus being brought back to our time moments prior to the invasion in a random location, but with enough info to find the company responsible, its a race against the clock to stop them from changing the war, or else history will be forever poisoned.

Granted with how consistent their current storyline is as of yet, I could see how that might bring some complications.