Will this be the last season?

Assuming sales meet or exceed expectations. How many seasons are planned? Personally I think they should do at least 5, then take 2-3 years and make a sequel. Or, they could keep going until the Xbox One is discontinued. :slight_smile: It’s not like the hardware is going to change.

I don’t think it would be impossible to have another Season. The roster is getting pretty big though. I guess I’m 50/50 on this. I definitely hope KI continues to be updated into 2017. Whether that’s a whole new Season or not doesn’t matter to me.

We have the World Cup confirmed for at least two years, safe to say there should be one more season if not two. I’d just like to see a season of original IG characters to add to the lore.

For me, maybe do another season of characters, get us up to 32 or so, maybe, then, instead of new seasons, maybe add a character, background, or two over the course of a year. Maybe we don’t need a bunch more new seasons, but new content to keep things fresh every once in a while would be good.

They definitely need to give Rash and all other characters a unique background. Even if it is like Omen’s night time version of the Jago temple. Though there that makes sense, whereas a night time Kim Wu stage wouldn’t really fit with the KI story line.

Most likely due to all the original characters have been brought back.
My hope is on a whole new KI4 game built using a new DX12 engine like Unreal Engine 4 which makes sense.
Maybe 2018-19 release ready for the next Xbox console.
They could easily reuse some of the existing characters like Jago and just make him look a little bit older than what he looks like now,same goes for fulgore they could use his name but just give him a new cyborg body which has been upgraded since KI3.
They could bring back the most popular characters from Season 1/2/3 and make a bunch of new characters.

I’d love the seasons to continue. Every season so far has made the game feel fresh and the devs are really finding their stride.

I’m all for new modes, New original characters as well as guests. I don’t want it to end.

I think they should save room for expansion, three sessions have enough content for “part one”

they should just keep adding content that the fanbase players want. Like ultimate finishers, no mercy’s, humiliations, man that dance thing made me laugh in ki.