Will they ever find time to just make a Stage for Mira, Gargos?

I know IG were trying to make the deadline so they dropped the stages, I would really like them to eventually make an update that covers up the loose ends. Adding a Stage for Mira, Gargos, adding 3 additional colors per character, maybe some new accessories.

Character fixes and lots of polishing up would be greatly appreciated. I just feel like with all that extra time they took to make Season 3 sompared to the little time they had with Season 2, Season 3 looks rushed. Kim Wu, Tusk, Mira look like they still need a lot of polishing in regards to their textures, movements etc.

Tusk needs his face fixed, Kim Wu needs more movement fluidity and I feel like some move-set adjustments, she lacks in many places such as the lame Firecracker ender that just falls flat. Mira looks stiff as hell and needs a less stiff Mortal Kombat looking stance. Mira looks almost done but not complete in the look department.

You should stop looking at this like they didn’t have time to do it. Most of the decisions for KI is tightly tied to the budget, and IG / MS have said that next to the characters, the stages are the most budget consuming parts of the game. In S3 the devs CHOSE to allocate resources to other things rather than more stages (relighting of ALL the stages and Shadow Lords presumably).

Since people have been pretty vocal about their disappointment with Mira and Gargos not having stages, and since IG and MS have been good about appease people on these types of things, I wouldn’t be surprised if new stages were to come. That being said, those types of things would be extra, not something they would schedule in a regular season.

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That’s what I mean, clearing up loose ends is what I’m hoping

I would gladly do another community fund raising for the missing stages.

I honestly wouldn’t know. and while it would be nice to ave a stage I honestly am not buggerd as much about it as a bunch of other people are.

Maybe in the future. Never say never. But its not on the cards for S3. We don’t know anything further, and I suspect the devs won’t either until the season is fully released…