Will the AI ever get improved?

So I’ve been unable to play online due to teredo issues that will hopefully be fixed when I get a new router soon, so I’ve been playing a lot with the AI and I’ve noticed that it’s really kinda terrible. The main problem is the huge jump in difficulty between “hard”, and very hard. Hard is laughably easy, it doesn’t combo off of anything, will stop blocking for no reason, punishes absolutely nothing, and can be reliably beaten by just spamming hk. Very Hard, on the other hand, has such fast reaction times that if you’re fighting it you can’t land possession as hisako, do any sort of charge attack against riptor, or ever even think of jumping around fulgore because they’ll react perfectly every single time no matter how small their reaction window is. It’s not by any means unbeatable, but it seems to me like there’s a place in between “brain dead” and “inhumanly perfect execution” that needs to be filled. It would be really nice if there was some version of the AI that could do stuff like setups and combos without having the robotic reaction time or always countering your move if given the chance.

Also all levels of the AI lose to fulgore spamming fierce laser and don’t seem to prioritize doing mixups on hisako making her basically free against them since if they jump in they’ll almost always get countered.

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Do you have absolutely no connection at all at the moment or just not good enough to play online with other people? Because if you have any connection at all you can do Shadow Lab, which sounds like it is exactly the type of AI you are looking for.


That’s how I’ve been managing to keep my sanity while waiting for the router to arrive, but I’ve also been trying to play story mode and it’s either so easy it’s not fun or a slog where I try to figure out what moves the AI has no clue how to punish then just spamming those because strategies I might use against humans just don’t work against the bots.

I’ve found that landing a few shadow counters and counter breakers during those harder matches goes a LONG way towards being the difference maker in match outcomes with the harder AI. Pretty much every character seems to be in full rushdown mode, ‘pressing buttons’ as they say, so there are lots of opportunities to counter.

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KI’s AI, if you didn’t know, uses input reading. The AI character knows your inputs before you start to animate. This is, basically, cheating. There is no “reaction time”. It is 0.0 ms. You have to bait the AI into an animation that it is locked into and then you can capitalize. It’s nothing like playing a human.


This can be a fairly high level workaround, but did you ever considered flashing an OpenWRT firmware in your router if it’s supported?

It’s a procedure that can potentially brick your router so I suggest something like that only if the person has the technical knowledge to know what he’s doing, but for me it fixed all my connection problems in all my consoles and PC.

The thing you want is Shadows AI for other game modes. It’s definitely a pretty highly-requested feature at this point.

ah, the timeless NRS tricks, at least it’s not as bad as the infamous MK3 ai, that literally did nothing if you did nothing. that explains why Kim’s throw opener ALWAYS gets teched, LOL. I used to think mk3’s ai was unbeatable, till I saw proof of people beating it on youtube, and saw that you have to play a very specific way in order to beat. It’s a lot less about what you do and a ton more about what you don’t do.

The names of the difficulties were changed some time ago, what is now known as hard is actually the old medium.