Will steam have crossplay with XB1?

Cause I’d HATE to miss out on more fun competition because of that. So this is why I’d ask. I’m excited to see KI get more exposure via steam.

I excited about this cause my freinds who can’t afford an XB1 or anything can now play KI

Dude, not trying to sound harsh or anything, but the question has been asked many times in other threads. There are no definitive answers to anything regarding the steam version as of yet. They aren’t ready to reveal much regarding the steam version.

If I had to place a bet though, my answer would probably be no.

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That is the million dollar question, altough I got a bad feeling about this personally.

It’d better to be frank. Not being able to crossplay would be a recipe for disaster for the community and folks over at Steam. The community has already became steady since the end of Season 3.

Dividing our community into another means to play on with the already established base is great. Doing so from nothing will be a decent run, but would eventually dry up when it really slows down.

Hopefully they can figure something out that isn’t restricted through Xbox policy. My guess is that it should be fine since Microsoft has shown interest in crossplay considering the announcement of Minecraft crossplay at E3.

We’ll see.

yea… rukari already told , me “stay tuned” when I asked.

that give sme more hope than worry, lol

I don’t actually think non-cross play would be terrible. Yeah, segregating the player base probably means a smaller pool of play, but at the same time it’d also probably make it easier for new people to actually get into and enjoy the game.

KI is a mature FG right now, and that means that anyone joining is likely to run people who’ve been playing for a while, people who are going to wreck them. And heck, maybe double ultra and teabag them for good measure because why not? For people who are truly just getting into KI, not having to run into the X1 and Win10 populations is probably beneficial to them actually getting into and enjoying the game.

I would prefer crossplay honestly. Right now I run KI through steam through some trickery just so I can rep the game to people I have on my steam friends list. But I think one of the really underrated features of KI is that it’s crossplay and crossbuy.

I understand the concerns some of you guys have with new players getting trounced. But assuming the steam launch is a success means that the new player pool will be somewhat extensive so there will be plenty of lower ranks to match up with in ranked. Hence it shouldn’t be an issue. I agree that right now with the current playerbase that’s not really the case and there is some lopsided matchmaking that can be frustrating for new players. But I think it’s worth the gamble to showcase the game being crossplay and assume that the new player base will be large enough for them to grow together without running into too many lopsided matches.

I don’t think segregating the player base is a good idea.

This WILL happen 9 out of 10 times… no doubt about it! lol
Its wild out there on a daily basis…I feel sorry for new players and you can see them from a mile away. Especially when they dont use the Exhibition SEARCH FILTER.

I think crossplay will happen, due to Microsoft pushing crossplay, heck if they have crossplay with switch and PC with Minecraft and rocket league coming up, I am sure they can make itnhappen with KI on steam :smiley: