Will Season 3's camera be more robust?

Will we enjoy cinematic finishers, dramatic zoom-ins and movie-like story mode cutscenes? Will we get full 360º rotation for stage ultras / win poses?

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That depends on if they manage to work out a new camera system, as it is now they don’t have the tools to do this. That’s why Shadow Jago’s Ultimate will only work on his stage.

I agree. We definitely need more camera angles for the fight and cut scenes. Aira stage finisher would be so much better with up close, slow motion and rotation of the camera. I miss seeing TJ uppercut someone and the camera spanning out. Or cinder flip kick or Thunder sammish, or Sabrewulf flip kick.

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I doubt they would add all of this. Although I would love pulling out of the camera if they add in air combos.

for any polygon-based game, trust me, the guts of a dramatic camera is already there. Source: Camera mods out there now for MK and SF4 on PC, no additional core files required, just tools to mod what’s already in there. Additional source: The intro and exit cut scenes. Those are obviously in-game models and the camera is programmed to whip around the character at custom angles.

As with anything else, it just comes down to time on the dev’s side to revisit or open up the camera code, or maybe do like what DOA5 has had for years with the free camera during saved replays.

Actually for trailers they seem to use custom angles already so the software is already existing in house. They should let tools like this out into the wild, part of a modkit:p

A more zoomy, rotational thing for guaranteed ultras would be awesome, even for shadow moves during the match

I’m just going on what our creative director @TempusChaoti said in the old forums, from my understanding the reason Shago’s ultimate only works on his stage is because such a system is not in place. Correct me if I’m mistaken.

I haven’t seen the ultimate, it sounds like they’re using assets from his stage, so it sounds more like they decided to tie together his ultimate with a stage ultimate.

I was just saying the character intro/outro’s alone prove that more general dramatic camera work is certainly in the realm of possibility, since those custom, dramatic angles are being done on every stage already.

I think it was that they have it rigged basically like a stage ultra. That is, it’s linked the stage and not the character. Something like that…
But yea the point is, the the way it’s currently built doesn’t allow for it to be useable Anywhere else.