Will season 3 download automatically...?

I wanted to start the download before leaving for work today, but it wasnt up yet

I left my X1 on, and changed the settings to ‘instant on’ and to not turn off automatically, should season 3 automatically download now once its released? after the long wait for season 3 I just wanted it to be downloaded and ready to play when im home from work lol but im not overly experienced with X1 auto downloads and how they work…

well its 4pmin the uk now so I hope mines updating

I believe there is a setting somewhere that allows for automatic updating even while the xbox is resting. I don’t remember exactly but I suggest poking around in your dashboard settings.

im not home now :frowning: thats why I tried to set it up to automatically download when ready, before I left for work

I changed settings to instant on (which says it will automatically download updates) and I set the console to not turn off automatically

just wondering if the changes I made would make it so S3 downloads automatically when released today, I was hoping someone who knows more about auto updates for X1 would be able to tell me if I did this right…

Sounds like you’re set to me, honestly. Unless there’s also specific update settings per game such as “automatically keep this game up to date”, but I don’t know if that’s a thing on Xbox.

hmm well I guess Ill see in 7 or so hours when im home, I just dont want to get home after work ready to play and realize that I need to do a 20GB update lol if thats the case I wont be able to play at all tonight which would drive me crazy!

Maybe today you have an appointment during your lunch break?

yeah maybe I could make the trip during “lunch” but I’d rather avoid that if possible lol

I mean just to check on it, really.
Is there no fancy phone app that lets you monitor your Xbox One remotely? There should be.

that would be a good idea, I dont know if it exists or not, not going to help me today though :frowning: