Will season 3 bring 1080p

Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard anything at all about whether season 3 will bump the game up to 1080p ? After playing street fighter 5, KI does look a little soft , and I think would look great in 1080p . For the record I think KI is a much better looking game , but would look even better in 1080p.

On PC… Yes. On xbox one… Probably not.

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They haven’t announced anything so I would be really surprised if it got bumped on Xbox One. If your PC is capable of handling it, then it can display in up to 4k.

holy moly! 4K? Dang I heard MS was pushing everything in 4K whenever possible but that’s pretty dope.

hmmm…do I spend 2k on a new tv and build a PC rig? Soooo tempting!

those particle effects in 4K is making me drool.

I think the cost of the graphics card is going to be way more than the cost of the TV…