Will season 1+2 characters get retro color 7?

I was wondering if retro color 7 is exclusive to season 3 characters? Will Fulgore, Riptor and everyone else also recieve new retro colors?

Already confirmed only for Season 3 characters.

Scroll down to the Ultra Edition details and read it yourself. There’s more stuff coming to use with the KI Gold as confirmed by @TempusChaoti at the end of the latest Exhibition steam over on http://twitch.tv/killerinstinct/

I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t something we can spend KI gold on later.

I’d like to see it added down the line, along with improvements to the retro costumes and accessories. But I doubt it’ll happen

The Retro Color 7 is exclusive to Season 3 characters. However, it sounds like there are other new Bonus Colors on the way that may apply to the rest of the cast.