Will replays still work after S3 launch?

Good day everyone,

I was wondering if it’s been said whether replays from S2 will still be compatible when S3 launches?

Reason I ask is because I was watching the recent 2hr stream they had and just saw Sadira’s stage relit for the first time. That thing is beautiful.

So it got me thinking, if replays are available and if so would they have the old stages or the new lighting?

I don’t know of the replays are actually videos or data input that gets replayed in sequence (kind of like how StarCraft replays are done).

Replays are gone after every new update.

Once you download any new PATCH for KI…it erases all of your saved replays. I suggest if there are any that you are proud of and want to keep…you need to upload them into the Video Upload Studio immediately. Otherwise…bye bye replays!

Everyone should know this…most do not. …SO help spread the word if you think someone might not know.

Honestly I never watch replays, it was more to see if they would be kept we’d be able to compare the new lighting to the old stages.

Only in your Upload studio will you be able to compare. Good idea though