Will Points/Leagues Be Reset With Season 3 & PC Release?

They should be in my opinion. Put everyone back to the same starting point. Plus, it’s always nice to get a restart in stats every once in a while.

I can see people loosing their top 32 stars getting really pissed… I don’t see those getting reset… and it would be wierd to have a qualifier with 8 stars…

Nah, it happened multiple times throughout the life of SF4. Even the highest ranked players didn’t complain. They enjoyed working their way up to the top again. As far as I know Leagues is still in “Beta” since it’s release. What better time to hit the reset button than with the release of the ‘final’ version.

I am really hoping this will happen. Not because I care about the points or ranks, but because I would really like to see the whole ranked system eceive an overhaul.

Reseting ranks =/= loosing top 32 stars

Also, keep it simple: if you have a star, you stay in killer. Dont have to do qualifiers again

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