Will pc players be able to play against XBone players?

Does anyone know if pc players will be able to play against XBone players? Some of my friends don’t have a gaming pc so I’m worried that I won’t be able to play with them via the pc version of the game (which I’m assuming will have better graphics than the XBone version).

If anyone knows any info on cross-platform play for Killer Instinct please let me know. I’d really appreciate it.


Yes. There is going to be cross-platform play supported.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but i AM worried about KI going to PC.

Everyone loves PC because you can do more good things than you can with a console, but there are also bad people who use PCs to do bad things, even a few that do bad things unintentionally. I am 100% positive that PC players will either find a way to cheat, hack console players, or create a mod that accidentally breaks the game.

It happens in EVERY PC game, even the most popular games that are supposed to have safeguards in place.

Am i the only one worried?

Imagine someone putting out a modded skin, that a lot of people download, but it crashes console versions. I know there are solutions, but IG CANT prevent them all.

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Dont forget the easy way of writing a macro.

Im throwing in one button jago dp…

Just saying :slight_smile:

But general I think a pc version and crossplay is a good thing.

that’s the first thing they said when they announced the pc version.

I’m so exited for how big KI is going to get this year. But there’s a big chance KI will R.I.P when the PC version hits.

KI does consistency checks throughout the course of the game to make sure games don’t desync, so I think the risk of “hacking” console players is virtually nil. If a PC player is causing the state of the game to be different than the console game, and the console game doesn’t know what’s going on, it will desync and disconnect. The PC player won’t be able to get any matches against anyone.

Also, it’s possible to do macros on console too (I have a cronus for $40, I could program one-button DPs if I wanted to). It’s definitely easier to do on PC, but if someone wants to macro on console, they definitely can. I don’t think it’s a really big deal though. People who aren’t good won’t know how to use one-button DPs to their advantage anyway, and the people who are good enough to do this are unlikely to want to cheat. The number of people in both camps is probably really small and not a big worry.

My biggest concern is if the PC version runs well enough on “okay but not great” hardware. I hope they’re planning to optimize the game well for PC and not require a well above average rig to run it. If they do this well, I think the game will have a lot of great potential.

I have a nice PC that is decent but NOT for gaming. I will definitely try it out and report anything odd to the forums.

gonna be funny when this guy gonna join the battle:

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When KI ends up like this, i’m going to literally CRY.

(YES I KNOW KI doesnt have infinites, but frame perfect punishes, shadow punishes, and frame perfect manuals and frame perfect delayed inputs are just as bad.)

PLEASE DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN IG! @TheKeits Please tell me this wont happen!

Why? It’s hilarious to fight these things. If it beats you, you can’t get mad because you know they’re cheating, and if you win you beat someones cheats and make it fail them. It’s a win win.

Are you even reading your own words?

Would you be OK with the top 32 positions filled with bots? Is everyone supposed to say “Its fine, they are cheaters, so its whatever!”

It’s a pretty big non-issue. SF4 has many more players and has been on PC forever, and the tool-assisted thing is just one guy messing around, running into a very small handful of people. It is not a widespread problem and doesn’t impact the casual player at all. He’s not hacking the game state, he’s just playing with tool-assisted inputter, which I also don’t think really matters for KI much at all.

Maybe eventually somebody will write a program that reads KI game states and inputs certain things on reaction to other things, but eh… as far as I know it hasn’t happened for SF4 (and if it has, it doesn’t impact 99.9% of matches anyway) and such a program is really hard to write and probably not worth it for the amount of players it would affect.

As far as hacking the leaderboards, that already happens on the Xbox One version (and MS tries to ban these accounts).

Is it possible to control your character while one of these scripts are running?

For example, could someone have full control during the fight, but then as soon as a throw is performed, the script instantly techs it?

Most people would NEVER figure out that was going on.

In theory, it’s possible with perfect knowledge of the game engine. Whether that knowledge can actually be acquired and implemented is another issue entirely (and I think it will not be worth the effort… people looking to grief fighting game players will probably target SFV for that sort of thing, as it’s likely to have a bigger player base).

Like… reading the inputs from the network isn’t enough (if, for example, that was easier). Just because somebody pressed LP + LK doesn’t mean they’re trying to throw you, so if you try to input LP+LK to tech a throw (or even do a throw invincible move), there will be easy ways to foil that system. You need to know the full game state (character position, whether they’re airborne, what they’re currently doing, etc) and this is probably decently difficult to fully understand just by looking at RAM. I think they did figure it out for SF4 (because we have the Frame Trapped tool that lets us do cool training mode stuff) but as far as I know it hasn’t affected online play at all.

I don’t think you have much to worry about.

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Lol, combo assist has been added to the game by the developer. Comparitively speaking, the minuscule chance of running across a tool-assisted pc player is a non-issue in my opinion. Because “KI is not about execution” anyway, right?

The PC port is the RIGHT WAY to grow the community and it will actually KEEP new players around.

I think you just brought up something I hadn’t thought about.

Since CAM is now in KI, people will be less incentivized to script and/or use 1 button DPs.

I didin’t even know the macro-thing was even a thing until I saw 1 of Maximilian’s videos about it a couple of weeks ago. He was fighting an opponent that would only “react” to what you did. So, he sat there and didn’t do anything, so the macro-controlled player didn’t do anything. Max won on time-out due to a life-lead. I thought this was both sad and hilarious. While it’ll likely happen to KI, like Infil said, I don’t think it’d be a big deal. If I encounter it personally, I’d just report it to Xbox Live enforcement to prevent it from happening to others in the future.

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